Julie Schott: 8 Products I Buy On Repeat

As an established journalist and the former Beauty Editor of ELLE US, Julie Schott has the enviable task of testing the latest and greatest from the beauty world. As such, she knows what works and where you should spend your money – something which makes her new brand Starface particularly intriguing. Here are the 8 products she’s never without…

Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil, £22.50

As a lifelong hair puller, I have very few natural eyebrow hairs, but you’d never know it thanks to this believable brow pencil. For naturally, full-looking arches, start by brushing everything up and then fill in the gaps. It’s easily the best brow enhancer I’ve come across. 

Available here


KNC Beauty Supa Balm, £21

I am a lip balm addict, and one of those people who keeps a different pot or tube in every bag, drawer and cabinet. Despite testing dozens, KNC’s Supa Balm is still a personal favourite. It hydrates, plumps and shines with a subtle tint that always looks healthy. 

Available here


Ouai Chill Pills Bath Bombs, £25

Unlike your childhood bath bombs, these fizzy tablets are infused with a combination of nourishing oils [think hemp and jojoba seed oils] that leave skin glistening even after you dry off. A must-have for relaxation, but also for silky soft limbs. 

Available here


Starface Hydro Stars Patches, £19

When I get a nice juicy blemish, it’s hard to resist the urge to pop and pick, but I find that covering visible inflammation mitigates the urge. Out of sight, out of mind. I launched these adhesive zit stickers to try and make getting rid of acne fun. They’re laced with hydrocolloid, which is proven to draw out infection and protect bacteria from getting in. 

Available here


Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask, £22.50

This rich, plumping face mask works wonders on my complexion, but I also use it to smooth the tops of my hands. It creates a soft, even feel without the greasiness of regular hand lotion.

Available here


Who Gives A Crap Toilet Roll, From £14

An odd recommendation, but I can’t recommend this 100% recycled toilet paper enough. Its feel-good packaging is a plus, but as a brand it also gives back. Made without trees, 50% of all profits are also donated to help build toilets for those in need. It’s good sh*t – excuse the pun. 

Available here


Corpus Cedar Flora Natural Deodorant, £21 

If you’ve ever transitioned from regular to natural deodorant, you know it’s not the most pleasant journey. After a lot of trial and error, I found that Corpus neutralizes both stress and athletic sweat like nothing else. Plus, their Cedar Flora scent is so addictive, you’ll wish it were available in EDT form.

Available here


Necessaire The Body Wash, £20

Everything in this clean body collection is perfect in my opinion. I go through a bottle of their foamy cleanser a month. While it’s mainly available in the US, you can get it globally through some online stores – it’s well worth stockpiling, trust me.

Available here

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