The Longwear Mascaras We Love

The Longwear Mascaras We Love

Fed up with your mascara smudging? From the importance of a setting powder to why you should apply waterproof liner first, here make-up artist and SL Beauty Contributor Zoe Taylor explains how she prevents panda eyes – while we share 5 of the best budge-proof formulas out there…

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Use A Setting Powder

“It’s a bit of a process, but it’s worth using a setting powder around your eyes if you find your mascara is running or printing itself onto your skin. Choose a finely milled powder and one which has zero colour pigment in it. You want it to be incredibly translucent – Hourglass’ Veil Setting Powder just disappears into the skin without leaving behind any sticky residue. Use a very small amount and dust it around the eye area, or wherever you’re prone to smudging.” 

Pare Back Your Eye Cream

“If you find your mascara is sliding a lot, ask yourself what you’re putting on your skin beforehand. Often, the cause of smudging is when you use a heavy eye cream first. We tend to apply far too much, so it never has a chance to properly sink in. Eye cream tends to sit on the surface and as your face moves, it catches on the underside of your lashes and in turn, smudges your mascara. Either massage it in really well or skip it altogether before applying your mascara. Likewise, those with oily skin tend to have much more mascara transference – in this instance, a setting powder is the answer.” 

Keep Everything Cool

“This may sound odd, but try leaving two teaspoons in your freezer and using the back of them to cool your eye area before applying mascara. This de-puffs and keeps the skin colder, so mascara is likely to stay in place a bit longer.” 

Apply Mascara Wisely

“Apply most of your mascara directly onto the roots of your lashes, then gently comb them through. The less mascara on the tips of your lashes, the less it will transfer or smudge. On top of this, use a waterproof eyeliner first, applying it into your tear line – whether it’s white black or brown – you’ll find this latches onto mascara and stops it from budging at all – trust me, it really works.” 

Try A Tubing Formula

“Tubing mascaras should be your go-to if longevity is what you’re after. Eyeko, in my opinion, do the best – Black Magic is brilliant. It adds volume and thickens up eyelashes so fast. The benefit of tubular formulas is they have fibres that literally wrap and attach to each lash, so they do not budge. Also, avoid waterproof formulas, as they can be so damaging if you don’t remove them properly.” 

Five Of The Best Budge-Proof Formulas…

Eyeko Black Magic Mascara, £19

BEST FOR: ReliabilityLoved by industry insiders, this delivers a carbon black finish that’s glossy and rich. It never smudges or flakes and delivers just the right amount of volume and separated definition, too. Plus, we love that it contains keratin and shea butter – both of which strengthen lashes, while preventing them becoming hard and crispy, too.Available at

Hourglass Unlocked Instant Extensions Mascara, £29

BEST FOR: VolumeThis mascara has rave reviews for good reason. Make-up artists – including A-list master Caroline Barnes – swear by it for its longevity. The well-shaped brush allows you to get right down to your roots for extra volume, while the wand itself distributes colour evenly with rich, glossy pigment. It never smudges or flakes – just gives depth and definition, no matter how stubby your natural lashes are. Available at

Kevyn Aucoin The Curling Mascara, £22

BEST FOR: No ClumpsOne of the first tubing mascaras to hit the market, this cult classic is considered one of the best thanks to its clump-free formula and jet-black colour. Just be aware, it’s become a bestseller on numerous sites and regularly sells out – so be quick. The thinner wand separates and curls lashes for a wide-eyed effect, while allowing for more even application on smaller eyes and lower lashes, too. Make sure you don’t pull the tubes off – instead, let the warm water soften them and gently remove with a flannel or cotton pad.Available at

Lorac Pro Plus Fiber Mascara, £22

BEST FOR: Lengthening This was once an industry secret, but now, many more have discovered its lengthening benefits. Brimming with tiny fibres, each one clings to lashes from the root upwards for a lengthening effect. You only need a few coats to see the curlier, fuller finish it yields. With rave reviews across the board, it’s especially good for those with fairer lashes. 

Available at

MILK Kush High Volume Mascara, £22

BEST FOR: NourishingIf you’re after full, fat lashes, this is the mascara for you. With a CBD oil-infused formula, it glides on without any stickiness and lasts an entire day without any smudges. One swipe will cover all your lashes, but you can keep layering up for more definition and volume. ​Available at

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