7 Easy Ways To Clean Your Make-Up Tools

7 Easy Ways To Clean Your Make-Up Tools

Naturally, all make up brushes and sponges are bound to have a shelf life. But with studies showing that 92% of our tools harbour destructive germs, regular cleaning – by that we mean at least once a week – can help extend their use. From innovative technology to grime-busting shampoo, here are some of the cleaning buys we rely on…

Dr Bronner’s Tea Tree Pure-Castile Liquid Soap, £18

One of the best for breaking down oil and wax from synthetic bristles, this soap uses pure, antibacterial tea tree oil to banish dirt. Mixed with warm water, it’s effective while also being gentle to brushes – the trick is to keep pressure light when cleaning. Avoid pressing the brush head directly down and use gentle swirling motions until the water runs clear. 

Available at DrBronner.co.uk


NYX On The Spot Make-Up Brush Cleaner Spray, £9

If minimal fuss is what you’re after, this genius cleansing spray should be top of your list. Created for make-up artists but ideal for regular beauty junkies, the antibacterial formula breaks down germs in just a few spritzes. Effective on both brushes and sponges, use it on the go with just a paper towel – there’s no need to rinse.

Available at CultBeauty.com


Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner, £20.95

This spirit is made from food-grade solvents to gently dissolve powder, liquid and wax-based make-up. Using just a small amount in a bowl, you’ll soon see the dirt lift off. It also comes in a handy spray bottle, which is ideal for cleaning larger brushes. Top tip: when using solvents like this, be sure to keep the brush head (where the bristles connect to the handle) away from the formula to stop bristles from disintegrating or coming loose.

Available at Amazon.co.uk


StylPro Electric Make-Up Brush Cleaner & Dryer, £31.99 (was £39.99)

Believe the hype – this innovative brush cleaner-dryer hybrid really is as good as they say. Using spin technology, it leaves brushes squeaky clean and dry in just a couple of minutes, while the leftover liquid allows you to see just how much grime and dirt was on your brushes. It sounds gross, but it’s seriously satisfying. It’s also suitable for pretty much every brush type and is surprisingly compact, making it a beauty addict must-have.

Available at Boots.com 


Sigma Spa 2X Brush Cleaning Glove, £39.50

This handy tool removes both powder and liquid make-up from brushes. Featuring two sides (one for eye brushes and the other for face), eight different textures, and a ‘double thumb’ feature, it’s fool-proof. Used with a gentle shampoo, the different textures on the glove will work deep into the brush bristles to get rid of product build-up and bacteria.

Available at LookFantastic.com 


Allies Of Skin Molecular Silk Amino Hydrating Cleanser, £39

If you prefer not to invest in special cleaning tools, your go-to cleanser could work just as well. Just ensure you rinse the formula off with lukewarm water, squeeze out excess moisture and reshape the brush back into its original shape. Leave them to dry by hanging them off the edge of a table or counter. 

Available at CultBeauty.com


BeautyBlender Pure Solid Cleanser, £15

Ideal for frequent travellers, this clever solid cleanser makes light work of dirty brushes and sponges thanks to its soy-based formula. A little goes a long way, while the subtle lavender fragrance leaves your brushes feeling brand new. Just massage a small amount into your damp sponge or brush to lift grime and bacteria. It’s free of all irritants and any dye as well, so sensitive skin types neeedn't worry about flare-ups.

Available at CultBeauty.com

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