My Beauty Lessons: Jenna Menard
My Beauty Lessons: Jenna Menard

My Beauty Lessons: Jenna Menard

As a make-up artist, Jenna Menard has worked with some of the biggest names in beauty and more recently, she’s launched one-to-one sessions to share her expertise with a wider audience. Here, she tells us more about her own routine, the products she’s never without and the beauty lessons she’s learnt along the way.
By Rebecca Hull

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First Beauty Memory...

I remember being four years old and going to visit a family friend and her newborn baby. The baby had beautiful, natural pink and purple tones on her eyelids, and I said to my mum, “Look, that baby is wearing make-up.” Of course, she wasn’t but I’d noticed the different in her skin tone immediately – and instantly thought it was eyeshadow. I guess it’s just something that’s really stuck in my mind over the years.

First Beauty Buy...

It was a loose bronzing powder and a sheer, frosty pink lipstick. It’s funny because I was using the powder when I was 12, thinking it did so much for me. I’ve since learned less is more!

Repeat Buys...

I’m very lucky to be constantly trying new products but I do have some I always return to. One is my Surrat Lash Curler – they’re unlike any other tool on the market. I love my SAIE Super Gel too – a highlighter that can be worn on both the face and body. It feels great on the skin and makes you look as if you stick to a regimented skincare routine. The Jones Road Face Pencil is ideal for speedy touch-ups and gives you untraceable coverage. As for mascara, the one from Merit offers more of a natural lash. Bobbi Brown’s Colour Sticks are also so easy, and I really rate Monika Blunder’s Beauty Cover. It’s a foundation, concealer and bronzer all in one. Finally, I’m enjoying the Decorté Comfort Day Mist and the Tower28 Sunny Days Tinted SPF right now. You can find the other products I really stand behind on my shelf here.

Sometimes, BEAUTY RULES are what stop you from finding new things that really work for you, so try to EXPERIMENT WITH SOMETHING NEW.

Rules To Follow...

Balance is key – if you’re doing perfectly curled hair, let your make-up be a bit messy and rough. Likewise, a strong, precise lip works well with skin that’s clean and fresh. It’s also worth matching your make-up routine to your lifestyle. For instance, if you’re limited on time, find one product you can put on four different ways to make life easier – I often use an eyeliner for eyeshadow and brows.

Mistakes To Avoid...

Stop following set looks. All of us are guilty of getting stuck in ruts due to old habits, but it’s so important to remember there aren’t any hard and fast rules with make-up. Sometimes, the rules are what stop you from finding new things that really work for you, so my advice is to experiment with something new.

Favourite Haircare...

I am into  Hairstory’s New Wash lately. It feels like a conditioner but it’s a shampoo. My hair loves it – it feels healthy and hydrated, and not weighed down. Normal shampoos can often strip my hair of everything, so I’m forced to add conditioner, oil, pomade, sea spray, conditioning cream to replenish it. This has streamlined my routine perfectly. A good powder is key to extend the time between washes. I usually have the best hair on days five and seven post-wash because it has more natural texture and I control the build-up of oil with TAKESUMI dry shampoo. I apply a light dusting into my roots and let it work its magic overnight. To give my hair an undone, separated look, I also use Jillian Dempsey’s Roadie which is easy to travel with. As for brushes, I don’t use one that often, but when I do, it’s always MANTA. They fit perfectly in your palm for total control.

Desert Island Products...

A lifetime supply of face and eye masks, Furtuna balm, lash curlers and my Saint Jane SPF.

Beauty Storage...

I definitely have too many make-up bags. Well Insulated is a great brand for keeping products safe and protected. Monika Blunder has a soft nude coloured make-up bag that I keep nearby. Lastly, Kusshi has easy-access bags and amazing brush rolls. The zipper is great because you can open the bag all the way to see everything that’s inside.

Skincare Saviours...

I put a maximum of three products on my skin at night. I have a few different routines based on what my skin is doing at that moment. My best advice is to pay attention to your individual needs and go from there. A few brands I rate include Furtuna Skin, Superegg and 111Skin – the masks are real radiance-boosters. Meanwhile, Goldfaden MD is so good for brightening the skin. If your complexion just needs a quick boost, I love the Tower28 SOS Spray.

It's NOT ABOUT THE PRODUCTS you use, but what you do with them. There's always a way to make them work. The sooner you understand TECHNIQUE AND APPLICATION, the easier everything is.

Niche Finds...

I am always on the lookout for niche beauty products, whether I am on vacation, on a job, or in a new city. 1999 Beauty has been a great discovery. It’s a pencil brand with blendable, easy-to-use textures in a range of shades. The Love Mert Eye Pillow is another great find. Put it in the freezer to take down puffiness. Finally, I love Palette By Pak for travelling – the pods hold just enough of what you need.

Best Beauty Advice...

If you’re a good make-up artist, you should be able to make any product look good. I had the pleasure of working with make-up legend Dick Page and he would remind his team often that it isn’t about the product you use, it’s what you do with it. I love trying to help women figure out how to use a product. It might be a brush or new textures and colours – whatever it is, there’s always a way to make it work, and the sooner you understand technique and application, the easier everything is.

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