My Beauty World: Tiffany Scott
My Beauty World: Tiffany Scott

My Beauty World: Tiffany Scott

After a dermatologist inspired her to pursue her dream of launching a cruelty-free, luxe cosmetics line, Tiffany Scott co-founded bestselling make-up brand RÓEN Beauty. As CEO, she’s known for her attention to detail and intricate knowledge of the market. Here, we sat down with her to talk all things beauty – from the products she’s never without to the golden rules she never breaks.
By Rebecca Hull

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First Beauty Memory

“When I was ten, I started rummaging in my mum’s make-up drawers. I wanted to play with everything and began experimenting with it on myself and my friends. My mum wasn’t thrilled at first but when she realised how much I loved it, she bought me my own make-up bag. One of my first purchases was a Bobbi Brown lip gloss – I was smitten with them. I think my obsession with beauty started there. As I got older, it was always me who did my friends’ make-up if they had a date or a night out planned.”

The Story Behind Róen

“In my 30s, I was having problems with eye irritation. I went to see a dermatologist and he mentioned it could be my make-up, as some products contain ingredients that can cause inflammation. That’s when I started researching everything – I was determined to find solutions that were still luxe, but gentle and wearable for everyone. I realised there weren’t many make-up options out there that maintained that glamorous feel with non-irritating ingredients, and so I worked hard to launch a brand that ticked all the boxes.”

Career Advice

“Launching a brand has taught me a lot about patience and perseverance. Developing beauty products is time-consuming – it involves endless back-and-forth with chemists and labs to make sure you’re never giving up on the formula you’ve worked hard on and want to deliver. You’ve got to play a waiting game sometimes to get what you want – you’ll always be happier knowing you’ve put something out you really believe in. I am a perfectionist and would never launch anything that hasn’t be tested rigorously.”

A GOOD FACIAL OIL is NON-NEGOTIABLE. Over the years, I’ve learnt they can give you all the nutrients and moisture your skin needs.

Rules To Follow

“It sounds almost like a cliché these days, but my top rule is: less is more. I created RÓEN to be easy enough to wear in the day and simple enough to build up for the evening. Our palettes are versatile and rich in pigment – you don’t need hundreds of them in your make-up bag, just one or two products that really work for you.”

Skin Lessons

“Any good dermatologist will tell you simplicity is key. I can’t be bothered with an endless routine of ten products – I like one or two that I know I can rely on. Personally, a good facial oil is non-negotiable. Over the years, I’ve learnt they can give you all the nutrients and moisture your skin needs. It’s why I created one for RÓEN. Our Elixir Facial Oil opens the pores to minimise breakouts and gives you all the goodness – including vitamin C and fatty acids to plump up your collagen levels for a healthy-looking glow.”

Make-Up Advice

“If you’re happy with your make-up, that’s all that matters. The purpose of cosmetics is to enhance your best features, never to conceal them. I am a big believer in using make-up to help you feel happy and confident – so if it’s not, you need to rethink things. It’s so important to take care of your skin too. If you only do one thing, hydrate it. Your make-up will go on so much better if you do. The Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist is a great no-fuss choice.”

Favourite Finds

“I’ve found some of the best products at Credo Beauty. It’s my favourite boutique retailer in the US – and the gold standard for natural beauty. It follows a rigorous process when it comes to choosing brands and ensuring they deliver on the standards they promise to customers. When I’m in the UK, it’s always Harvey Nichols for me. There’s nothing like it in the US – it’s so chic. As for lesser-known brands everyone should know about, one of my favourites is ISUN. It only uses beautiful, high-quality ingredients that never cause irritation. The brand’s face scrub is the only one I use – it gives my skin an incredible glow. Osea is another brand hailing from LA. If you want good, natural skincare, those two are well worth investigating.”

Repeat Beauty Buys

“The Kosas Cloud Powder is always in my beauty bag. I am constantly touching up my make-up and this is the best for that – it’s so light yet keeps everything in place. I’ll always have a RÓEN Cake Mascara on hand too.”

The purpose of cosmetics is to ENHANCE YOUR BEST FEATURES. I am a big believer in using make-up to help you feel confident – so if it’s not, you need to rethink things.

Desert Island Products

“I am never without a good dry shampoo. It saves me so much time. My favourite is the one by Dry Bar as it never makes my hair powdery. Kevin Murphy’s Powder Puff is great too – especially if you want some volume that lasts. Finally, I am obsessed with Mutha Body Butter. Nothing else makes my skin feel so smooth.”

Special Treatments

“There are so many good treatments available these days and I definitely have a few go-to spots. My favourite nail salon is Mini Luxe in LA. If you’re ever out there, it’s the best for non-toxic manicures. For facials, I’ll visit Carasoin – you leave feeling like a new person. Meche in Beverly Hills is my favourite for hair colour; and when I’m in London, I always make time to go to Josh Wood. Matt Hawes is my go-to stylist for a cut and blow-dry – he is so much fun. A final shoutout goes to the new spa at Claridge’s. It’s the definition of understated chic.”

Beauty Motto

“Embrace your imperfections. They are what make you, you, and can be the most interesting and beautiful part of your look. We all say it, but it’s true. My final takeaway? If you’re passionate and work hard, anything is achievable in life.”


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