Our Favourite Magnetic Lashes & How To Apply Them

Our Favourite Magnetic Lashes & How To Apply Them

If the idea of fiddling around with a false eyelash and small tube of glue puts you off getting involved, then why not give a magnetic lash a try? They’re more lightweight, long-lasting and less irritating, too. From how to apply and remove them, to the best on the market, here are some top tips and the ones to try…

Limit Your Usage

There are two ways in which magnetic lashes work, with one much less abrasive than the other. Either attach them using two magnetic strips which snap over the lash line, or apply a magnetic liner first to place the lashes on top of. The latter can be less damaging, but the former will last longer. While both options are considered safe, experts recommend you don’t apply magnets that sandwich your lashes together too often – stick to special occasions only. 

Remove Them Carefully

Just like regular falsies, magnetic lashes still need to be removed with care. First, seeing as most pairs come with a magnetic liner, it’s important to remove this properly with a micellar or regular cleanser, to prevent any clogging of the pores in your lash line. Do this by first removing the lashes – grab the outer corners and slowly pull them away from your lash line. Then, take some cotton swabs and sweep them along your magnetic liner – you’ll see it come away easily. While this sounds more of a convoluted process, magnetic lashes aren’t as toxic as lash glues can be. These can cause skin irritations as they often contain parabens and ethyl cyanoacrylate – both of which are known to increase sensitivity. 

Don’t Forget To Clean

Use a lash brush or sponge to gently rub some soap into your lashes after every use. This will help to loosen up dirt and grime, before you rinse it away with warm water. It’s important you don’t forget this step – otherwise you run the risk of bacteria build-up, and possibly an allergic reaction or contact dermatitis. 
 Tempted To Give Them A Go? Here Are The Ones We Rate…


Ardell Magnetic Lashes Double Demi Wispies, £8.99 

Best For: Affordability 

A great way to dip your toe in without spending a fortune, these easy-to-use strips are ideal for mimicking the appearance of long, but natural-looking lashes. Just place the upper layer on top of your lashes, before lining up the bottom one directly underneath until they click together. It takes a little practice, but once you get the hang of it, they stay put for hours. If you find they don’t fit at the inner or outer corners, don’t be afraid to trim them to customise them to your eye shape

Available at Amazon.co.uk


Eylure ProMagnetic Volume Lashes Kit, £19.99

Best For: Volume

Offering quick and speedy application, this clever kit works with a ProMagnetic eyeliner, eliminating any mess or fiddling with glue. Apply it to clean lids, wait for it to dry, then allow your lashes to snap onto the liner. Using patent-pending technology, it locks length and volume into place. Just make sure you layer on the liner properly for optimum and secure results. 

Available at Asos.com


Freezeframe MagnaLash, £19

Best For: Longevity 

Created with sensitive eyes in mind, these handmade strips eliminate the need for messy glue. They fit snuggly into the inner and outer corners for a seamless finish – and can be re-used up to 100 times, so you really get your money’s worth. Expect a similar finish to lash extensions, but at a quarter of the price. Follow the directions closely for best results. 

Available at FeelUnique.com


Kiss Magnetic Eyeliner & Lure Lash Kit, £17.99

Best For: Sensitivity 

Another great option for beginners, the liner is formulated with iron oxide, which helps the magnetic strip fully adhere. Apply a thin strip to your upper lash line and once dried, go straight in with your lashes. Experts say because these lashes are supported by your lids, they’re gentler and kinder to skin. 

Available at FalseEyelashes.co.uk


Magnetise Magnetic Lashes in Ellie, £12.66

Best For: Quality 

Loved by industry insiders, these provide a high-quality finish that still looks subtle. Reusable and easy to apply, they contain small but powerful magnets, which lock lashes in place for hours. To apply, take the first lash (without the red dots) and place it directly on top of your natural lashes, as close as you can to the lash line. While holding this in place, grab the other set (with the red dots) and align them directly underneath your top lashes, allowing the magnets to snap together. It takes time to perfect the technique, but the flexibility means they’re easy to adjust once on. 

Available at Amazon.co.uk


Maycreate Magnetic Eyelashes, Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes Kit, £14.44

Best For: Removal

An Amazon bestseller, this kit receives good reviews across the board. The magnetic liner it comes with is easy to apply and glides on just like a regular liquid formula. Once you set the eyelash against it, they latch on with zero slippage or movement, and the thickening effect is second to none. Not only are they easy to apply, they’re seamless to remove, too – though you may have to give a little extra attention to the liner. 

Available at Amazon.co.uk


Essence Magnetic Accent Lashes Going Gaga Over Lengths, £5.71

Best For: Value 

If you’ve got the hang of magnetic lashes, then these enhancing strips lend extra drama and density. Providing a cat eye finish, thanks to longer ends and slightly shorter inner corners, you can also trim them depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. Just like the other ‘sandwich’ formulas on this list, apply one strip above the top lashes, and the other below so they snap together. If you want to remove or readjust them, just slide the magnets away from each other gently. They’re lightweight, so you never feel like your lashes are weighed down.

Available at ParfumDreams.co.uk

*DISCLAIMER: If you suffer with sensitivity around your eyes or notice any irritation or inflammation post-use, always speak to your healthcare provider or pharmacist for advice and stop using magnetic lashes immediately.

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