The Reusable Facial Cloths Worth Investing In

The Reusable Facial Cloths Worth Investing In

Studies show 9.3 million face wipes are flushed away daily and they contribute to 93% of sewer blockages – figures that might explain why sales of reusable facial cloths are on the rise. Plus, because you can use them more than 500 times, they're bound to save you money, as well as the planet. Here are some of the ones we rate, and how to use them…
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Primark The Come Clean Cloth, £2.50

Best For: Those on a budget

Why We Rate It: Beauty journalist Nadine Baggott alerted us to these affordable, yet highly effective cloths. Super soft, they’ll work with any cleanser or water to break down make-up without ever irritating or stripping the skin. Like others on this list, rinse in the washing machine afterwards, or soak with some soap for a quick fix. We love how wide they are, which means they cover a far larger surface area than your standard flannel. You won’t be disappointed. Available at


Vanderohe Sasawashi Exfoliating Face Cloth, £12

Best For: Exfoliation

Why We Rate It: Single cloths are just as effective as towels and pads. This one from Vanderohe is made from an all-natural fabric, combining Japanese paper and bamboo for added antibacterial benefits. It works to exfoliate, cleanse and absorb excess oil in one sweep, while simultaneously boosting circulation. You’ll find your skin looks and feels much fresher post-use, with a flushed (but not irritated) glow. Use it for three days before putting it in the wash – or make it go further by rinsing it out every time you use it. A multi-tasking staple. Available at


The Original MakeUp Eraser Make-Up Remover Cloth, £14.99

Best For: Reliability 

Why We Rate It: There’s a reason this cult classic continues to earn five-star ratings. A super soft towel that removes every trace of make-up, it can be thrown in the wash ready for its next use. Simply run it under warm water, wring out the excess moisture, hold it over your skin for 30-45 seconds and gently move it in circular motions to shift all make-up and dirt. Users claim it lasts for at least three years, plus, unlike some on the market, this doesn’t require you to keep going over the skin to get rid of stubborn traces of make-up. Available at


Cult Beauty Dual-Sided Face Cloths, £15

Best For: Face & body 

Why We Rate It: These sustainable cloths will make a great addition to any skincare regime. Double-sided, the muslin side offers a natural exfoliation, gently removing surface dirt and grime, while the other, softer microfibre side works to condition the skin and remove all traces of make-up. They’re big, too, covering a large surface area for optimum results. Soak it in warm water and use it gently in circular motions. Just be sure to wash them after every use to keep them in good condition.Available at


CloudCloth Cotton Reusable Facial Wipes, £12

Best For: Sensitive skin

Why We Rate It: Rêve En Vert is a sustainable brand worth having on your radar, as are their popular Cloudcloths. Dual-sided, they work to remove make-up swiftly, while simultaneously exfoliating the skin with natural fibres. This two-step process allows you to get rid of every last trace of dirt, keeping skin feeling and looking refreshed. Plus, you can go a week before you have to throw them in the washing machine. One of the gentler options on this list, they’re kind to all skin types and won’t cause irritation or inflammation. Available at

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