The Reusable Make-Up Removers Worth Investing In

The Reusable Make-Up Removers Worth Investing In

Millions of face wipes are flushed away daily, contributing to 93% of sewer blockages. Luckily, sales of reusable facial cloths, towels and pads are on the rise – and because you can use them more than 500 times, they're bound to save your purse as well as the planet. Here are the ones we rate and how to use them.
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Rose Inc Reusable Cotton Rounds, £14.50

Best For: Sensitive SkinWhy We Rate It: Larger in size than other pads, these will cover a wide surface area for a full cleanse. Made from cotton and bamboo, expect minimal smears or leftover streaks. Use with water, or with a blob of cleanser. They also come with a large bag so you can wash them all together for ease – just be sure not to tumble dry them to avoid shrinkage. They’re ideal for use with thin, watery products too – think toners, exfoliants and micellar waters – and they feel (as well as look) luxurious.Available at

Face Halo Make-Up Remover, £18

Best For: Speedy Removal

Why We Rate It: These small pads were an instant hit when they first launched and continue to be one of the most popular options on the market. Double-sided, they’re soft and fluffy for a gentle cleanse, and only require water to work at speed – though a drop of cleanser will yield better results, especially when it comes to stubborn eye make-up. Pop them into the washing machine, or use a cleanser and water to give them a quick clean. Lasting up to 500 uses, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.Available at

Garnier Micellar Reusable Eco Pads, £8.99

Best For: Softness

Why We Rate It: Incredibly soft and with a fluffy texture, Garnier’s new eco pads are larger than a regular single-use cotton pad, to fully sweep away dirt and grime. They’re also gentle, so they never cause irritation or feel too abrasive. Each pad activates with water, but you can also combine it with your go-to cleanser or Garnier’s cult Micellar for a more thorough removal. The packaging is 100% recyclable – a great, eco-friendly addition to your cleansing regime. 

Available at

Magnitone Wipe Out Cleansing Cloth, £12

Best For: Reliability & EaseWhy We Rate It: This is a cult classic for good reason. Not only is it super soft, it really does work to remove every trace of make-up without any fuss. Simply run it under warm water, wring out the excess moisture, hold it over the required area and gently move it in circular motions. You’ll soon see dirt and make-up begin to lift. You may prefer to use it with a cleanser for that typical ‘cleansing feel’ but it’s not necessary as this is so efficacious with warm water alone. It will last you at least three years, plus it won’t require you to keep going over the skin to get rid of stubborn traces of make-up.

Available at

Resoré Face Washer Towel, £35

Best For: Anti-Bacterial BenefitsWhy We Rate It: This is an investment, but a worthy one for how soft and luxurious it feels. Unlike traditional make-up and cleansing towels that can harbour acne-causing and inflammatory bacteria, this uses special textile technology to keep clean, making it a must-try for those prone to reactiveness. It includes antimicrobial silverback, which gently breaks down any germs and irritants for smoother skin. Use to remove make-up, but also to cleanse the skin gently, removing products seamlessly without any irritation. Extra points for the recyclable and biodegradable packaging. 

Available at

Jane Iredale Magic Mitt Make-Up Remover, £17

Best For: Longevity 

Why We Rate It: An Amazon bestseller, this reusable option feels just like a self-tanning mitt. Made with a towelling material, it’s gentle and can be lathered up with both water and a gentle soap. It will last you up to two years and can either be cleaned in your washing machine, or with your regular cleanser, before being left to air dry. You’ll find it makes light work of waterproof formulas and mascara too.Available at

Primark The Come Clean Cloth

Best For: AffordabilityWhy We Rate It: Beauty journalist Nadine Baggott alerted us to these affordable, yet highly effective cloths. Super soft, they’ll work with any cleanser or water to break down make-up without ever irritating or stripping the skin. Rinse in the washing machine afterwards, or soak with some soap for a quick fix. We love how wide they are, which means they cover a far larger surface area than your standard flannel. You won’t be disappointed.Coming soon

Stylpro Bamboo Reusable Make-Up Remover Pads, £12.97

Best For: Eye Make-Up RemovalWhy We Rate It: Smooth and soft, these glide seamlessly across your eyes to remove all dirt and make-up at speed. Soak them in water or use with a cleanser or micellar for best results. Because of their microfibre texture, they never scratch or irritate, so you won’t get any snagging or pulling of this delicate area of skin. Chuck them in the wash every three to five days to keep bacteria at bay.Available at

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