Sarah Jessica Parker On Beauty, Life Advice & More
Sarah Jessica Parker On Beauty, Life Advice & More

Sarah Jessica Parker On Beauty, Life Advice & More

Sarah Jessica Parker needs little introduction. The star of one of our all-time favourite shows, she's long been a fashion and beauty pin-up thanks to her unique style and honest approach to beauty – and the latter is one of the reasons she’s recently become a brand ambassador for RoC Skincare. Here, we sat down with her to chat favourite products, skincare regrets and more.
By Rebecca Hull

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My first-ever beauty purchase was a serum. I was close friends with a slightly older woman who used to buy Estée Lauder serums and I often got whatever she did. We didn’t even have the same skin type, I just thought I should get it too. It was around 1984 or 1985, and I wasn’t consistent – I was just buying whatever I wanted rather than needed. Thankfully that’s changed and I’m much more conscious of what I am using.

Moisturiser should always be applied to damp skin. That’s one of the key tips I’ve picked up over the years and it works. This is because the dampness of your skin helps attract the moisturiser – or serums – you apply on top, locking in hydration and keeping it there for longer. Wet skin is more absorbent, so everything can penetrate better. Try it, it works. 

My favourite product of all time is moisturiser. It’s the one thing I get through pot after pot of. Right now, I’m loving RoC’s Max Hydration Cream and always apply it before bed, along with lip balm and hand cream. Basically, I am all about hydration. If I am hydrated, I’m happy – I cannot bear my skin feeling dry or tight.

Simplicity is key for me. I have sensitive skin, so if I find products that suit me, I just stick to it. What’s the point in switching things up if it’s working? I really love RoC’s streamlined approach. It’s smart, meaningful and it’s real – with formulas and price points that are accessible to everyone. 

I have a glam team on speed dial. As I say, I like to stick to what I know and that goes for the people I see ahead of events. For instance, Elaine Offers always does my make-up for big events and Serge Normant does my hair. I’ve learnt so much from them and they really understand what I’m after.

Moisturiser should ALWAYS BE APPLIED TO DAMP SKIN. The dampness of your skin helps attract the moisturiser you apply on top, LOCKING IN HYDRATION.


The one make-up product I’m rarely without is lip gloss. I don’t wear base make-up every day, only for events, but I do always keep a lip gloss in my handbag. I love Pat McGrath’s – it has a tiny amount of sparkle in it but it’s translucent, so it just gives your lips healthy plumpness.

Jade rollers are the one tool I like to use on my skin. I have no idea if there’s any science behind them, but they feel so good. First thing, when I am having my coffee or tea, I’ll take my roller out of the fridge and use it on my skin in circular motions. It may only give temporary results, but it definitely wakes me up and gives my skin a fresher glow.

Sofwave is a treatment I swear by. It’s a relatively new ultrasound device that you have to go to a professional for. It works with heat to stimulate collagen and promote firmer-looking skin without being invasive or too intense. It’s really invigorating – I’ve had it a few times now and think it offers great results. 

A smokey eye is my signature look.. Today, it’s been done by one of my favourite make-up artists, Neil Young, but normally I just do a messy version on myself. I like to scribble eye pencils on quickly and just go. Laura Mercier’s Caviar Eye Sticks are great – you can’t go wrong. I use a lot of Q-tips to clean up my eye make-up. Dabbed into micellar water, it’s an easy way to make things look neater.

One treatment I’d like to book soon is a Thai massage. I’m not someone that needs really intense or crazy treatments, but I’ve always wanted a Thai massage where you’re on the floor and get thrown around a little bit. Anything like that is right up my street.

I don’t have beauty regrets. Yes, I WISH I WORE SPF AS A KID, but what are you going to do beyond regretting it? I DON’T SPEND TIME THINKING ABOUT REGRETS.

If you’re ever in New York, head to Mario Badescu. In Midtown East, it’s my favourite place to go for a traditional facial. I don’t like overly fussy treatments and they really take it back to basics there – expect a steam, thorough cleanse and nourishing mask. Your face might look a little red for a bit afterwards, but then comes the mega glow. It feels so good and the therapists there are the most thorough I’ve come across. 

There are two hair products I swear by. First is Serge Norman’s Dream Big Hairspray. I would go as far as to say that it’s the greatest hair product of all time – it gives such volume and hold. Second is the Tancho High Grade Pomade Stick. It was created for men, but I’ve used it for 25 years. It’s a waxy, shine-enhancing balm that I use nearly every day on my bun and ponytail. It doesn’t flake and it’s not chalky. Serge has it in his kit, too – it’s amazing, but just bear in mind it does take a while to arrive.

When it comes to general maintenance, you can’t beat male grooming products. Their shave creams – particularly Gillette – and razors are just better. The latter are so much sharper, and I find they feel better in the hand. They’re not plastic and all girly in colour either, which I prefer. I also love a male deodorant – Speed Stick is the best and it doesn’t affect your clothes like some antiperspirants do.

Reading or listening to a podcast is my idea of relaxation. If I can read a book for 15 minutes, I am happy. It’s such a privilege to carve out that time and have it to myself. I also love a good diffuser – I’ll often have one on at night to ease my mind and switch off before bed.

I don’t have any beauty regrets. I mean, yes, I wish I wore SPF as a kid and had more knowledge around it, but what are you going to do beyond regretting it? I don’t spend time thinking about regrets – especially when it comes to beauty. 

On that note, I’m a big believer in moving on from things. I’ve always said to my kids, if you feel shattered in some way then feel it and really take it in, but move on from it. I often think young people are in real danger of sitting in what I call ‘the saddle of blue’ but in my experience, it’s never been helpful to stay there. It makes you angry, resentful and depressed. My life mantra is to think, okay, that happened, now what? How can I feel different? It doesn’t mean you have to ignore what’s happened or pretend it didn’t exist in the moment, but staying with it too long isn’t productive. Take that as my parting advice…

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