Supergoop! Founder Holly Thaggard Shares Her Little Black Book

Supergoop! Founder Holly Thaggard Shares Her Little Black Book

SPF brand Supergoop! has made great strides in developing its reputation in the skincare market of late. So, when we had the chance to interview the brand’s founder Holly Thaggard, we jumped at it. From the skincare she swears by to the treatments she loves – plus, the products she's never without – here are the names and places she relies on time and again…

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For Unusual Treatments…

When I landed in Singapore for our Sephora launch, I had something called a ‘Four Hands Massage’. It was completely mad – two people (and four hands) massaging you at the same time to stimulate blood flow and boost circulation. I also recently tried ‘Ashiatsu’, where your back and legs are massaged with your feet. Your therapist walks on you while holding onto specially attached ceiling bars which help them to balance and adjust the pressure they apply. 

For Unwinding At Home…

I love having a bath to relax, and often I’ll have one just before bed. I used to love Fresh’s Sake Bath Oil but it’s been discontinued, but I still use a lot of their body care, as it’s so relaxing – their scents are addictive. A ‘Nest Grapefruit’ scented candle is a must-have, too – they don’t look like much, but trust me, the fragrances are incredible.

Citron de Vigne Bath & Shower Gel, £21 | Fresh
Brown Sugar Body Polish Exfoliator, £35 | Fresh

For Beauty Shopping…

NET-A-PORTER is my go-to shopping destination for beauty. Even though it doesn’t have that many niche buys, they still carry a few under-the-radar brands and products that great for everyone – including myself.

New-Season Makeup Edit, £75 | Net-A-Porter

For Good Hair…

Olaplex is the best. I use their No4 Shampoo and No5 Conditioner. I’ve been using them for a couple of years, but they’ve made such a difference to my hair – it’s so much stronger and healthier-looking. It’s a brand everyone should know about and try at least once.

No 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo, £26 | Olaplex

For Body Care…

I have so many tried-and-true staples, but one of my most essential buys is the Tatcha Indigo Soothing Body Butter. It’s so silky and nourishing, which makes it a joy to apply. There’s never any stickiness or greasiness left behind, either.

Indigo Soothing Body Butter, Coming Soon | Tatcha

For A Repeat Buy…

Without doubt, my Dyson hairdryer is the one thing I’d buy again. It’s an investment but it’s one of the best products I’ve ever owned – to the point that I always have two on rotation, one travel and one at home.

Supersonic™ Hair Dryer, £299.99 | Dyson

For A DIY Facial…

There’s nothing better than carving out time for yourself at home. I love spending some time using NuFACE’s Trinity Facial Toning Device – it really works your facial muscles. In fact, I’m desperate to try their one for the body, too. The results are really clear – it makes your skin feel so refreshed. 

Trinity Facial Toning Device, £329 | NuFace

For Good Glow…

So I’m biased, but our products give the best – and healthiest – glow there is, all with added SPF protection. The Glowscreen SPF40 and Glowscreen Body SPF40 are two of my favourites. They leave behind dewy, sun-protected skin every single time.

Unseen Sunscreen SPF 30 Travel Suncream, £15 | Supergoop!

For Hair Health…

I’ll get my hair cut at a place in San Antonio called LS Hair Designs. The rest of the time, I look after my hair as much as I can. The owner often texts me to remind me to do my Olaplex mask. She also recommended the Nutrafol vitamins to boost my hair health and growth. Often, she advises concentrating on using these two products simultaneously, then to pull back once my hair has reaped the benefits.

Hair Growth Supplement, £112 | Nutrafol For Women

For Skin Maintenance…

Whenever I’m in L.A., Shani Darden is always first on my list for a facial. She’s incredible and I’ve so missed her so much over this past year. You can buy her products here in the UK now, too, so her expertise is always accessible, even when salons are closed.

Intensive Eye Renewal Cream, £62 | Shani Darden
Cleansing Serum, £32 | Shani Darden
Sake Toning Essence, £44 | Shani Darden

For Neat Nails…

For me, cuticle oil is paramount to healthy-looking nails – I use one every single night. I’ve also been applying our Cloud 9 Sun Balm. It has SPF40 and works well with the cuticle oil to protect the skin.

Cloud 9 100% Mineral Sun Balm SPF 40, £40 | SuperGoop!

For Overall Wellbeing…

There’s no doubt about it, I’m a big believer in taking care of my body, and I love a good cleanse. My husband and I recently did the 5-day Prolon Fast. It’s incredibly hard, but I’ll admit, the results were worth it. We’re also getting ready to go to The Ranch Malibu for seven days of digital detoxing, exercising and plant-based foods. I’m really into all of that.

7 Day Programme | The Ranch Malibu

For Groomed Brows…

I love all things Bobbi Brown, especially the eyebrow pencils, which are so easy to use and give great definition. Bobbi has now launched the new brand Jones Road in the US, and the entire collection is worth checking out once it (hopefully) makes its way to the UK.

Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Brown Pencil, £30.50 | Bobbi Brown

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