The Sustainable Beauty Brands We Love

The Sustainable Beauty Brands We Love

Google searches for ‘sustainable beauty’ topped more than 6.7 million last year, proving our commitment and desire for greener living. The result? There’s now a plethora of different brands claiming to deliver results and simultaneously take care of the planet. If you’re keen to make your routine more eco-conscious, here are some of our favourite new names to know.

HIGHR Collective: HIGHR Lipsticks

About The Brand: HIGHR Collective founder Molly Hart is on a mission to improve ingredient transparency within beauty. After working in social media for several big brands, she noticed a desire by women for change, specifically more organic ingredients and clarity on animal testing – something many brands still don’t address. The result was a carefully curated range of lipsticks in suits-all tones and creamy, soft textures. Only two years old, it’s already earned an A-list following, including the likes of actress Emily Blunt, Laura Whitmore and Holly Willoughby. 
Sustainable Credentials: Made with organic-first formulas, the brand created each lipstick using 100% solar energy. The formulas don’t include silicone, which doesn’t break down properly and often gets washed off into the water supply. The packaging is just as impressive – every box is made from 100% upcycled materials sourced from a shoe factory, while the aluminium lipstick tube – which includes a mirror – will soon be refillable. Likewise, packaging is printed using vegetable ink and carbon is offset from each shipment. The shade range is vast, but the elegant nude tone of ‘Chateau’ is a bestseller.


About The Brand: Founded by Emily Parr and Majeed Hemmat, HoliFrog was the first brand to offer customers a ‘wash wardrobe’ – a selection of skin staples that aren’t complicated to use. Its cleansers ignore traditional foaming agents and sulfates, but the brand is equally honest about the use of unregulated buzzwords like ‘natural’, ‘non-toxic’ and ‘clean’. Rather than focusing on these marketing ploys, the brand uses ingredients derived from nature but with scientific backing, so you can be safe in the knowledge they’re designed to work in harmony with your skin. HoliFrog even has a third-party widget on its product pages which acts as an ingredient glossary, so you can learn about every single formula, and find out what you’re using and why. 
Sustainable Credentials: HoliFrog not only harvests its ingredients sustainably, it donates a portion of its proceeds to the Land Trust Alliance – an organisation that preserves land trusts and the communities around them. On top of that, all the packaging – container and outer packaging – is recyclable. Each product stands on its own, but we recommend the Grand Amino Cushion Cream for its skin-softening benefits. 

Manasi 7

About The Brand: Founded by Stockholm-based make-up artist Susanne Manasi Persson, this slick, minimalist brand is all about great colour payoff and streamlining your make-up bag. The tagline for Manasi 7 is ‘Buy less, but better quality’ – which is exactly what you get with its products. Designed to be used all over the face, each formula and texture can be mixed and matched, with the blushers used on eyes, and lipsticks smudged over cheeks. The sheer textures are buildable and lend a healthy flush, while the shade range is vast – something that’s created serious buzz around the brand.
Sustainable Credentials: ManasI 7’s stripped-back approach is all a part of its sustainability credentials – Susanne wanted multi-use formulas that not only went the distance, but meant you weren’t buying hundreds of products when two can do the job of one. What’s more, all the boxes are made from recyclable paper, while the reusable jars are made from 32% plant-based material that comes from renewable sources. The jars are brilliant for travel, and everything is formulated with harvested and certified organic ingredients that are gentle and suitable for all skin types. Finally, the production chain only consists of independent small-scale sub-contractors. The result? Batches that result in less waste compared to mass production.


Moon Juice

About The Brand: The brand industry insiders love, Moon Juice is known for its buzzworthy products and aesthetically pleasing packaging. Launched by Amanda Chantal Bacon, the skincare line came to fruition when Amanda noticed her own complexion had lost bounce and vitality. Setting out to create a range that yielded brighter, fresher-looking skin, Amanda looked for key ingredients that made a real difference to the skin, before researching how to source them as sustainably as possible. The Exfoliating Acid Potion is a bestseller, but if you ask us the Plump Jelly Hydrating Serum is the standout. Offering intense moisture, it’s ideal for those suffering with dryness or irritation. 
Sustainable Credentials: Utilising plants, science and active ingredients, Moon Juice’s formulas are all sourced responsibly, with the primary goal being efficacy. It’s why Amanda sought out lab-derived molecules and stabilisers to ensure top results. As for the high-potency vitamins used inside the formulas, these are extracted and grown on a small farm in Pennsylvania, while the packaging is fully recyclable with eco-friendly veggie ink. If you’re stocking up on its wellness offering, everything is refillable – and even the pouches that arrive are biodegradable. 

Reverie Haircare 

About The Brand: Founded by Californian hairstylist Garrett Markenson, Reverie is a brand that keeps things simple. The line is concise, with just one shampoo and conditioner to suit everyone – no matter your hair type. You’ll also find the hero Ever Recovery Oil in the line-up, as well as Rake Styling Balm which promotes better hair strength, and lends a sleek, frizz-free finish. Extra points go to the cruelty-free formulations, all of which are Leaping Bunny certified. 
Sustainable Credentials: Designed with transparency in mind, Garrett launched Reverie to create a line with both authenticity and integrity at the core. All the ingredients are carefully sourced from small farms with a history of producing nourishing ingredients and the plastic tubes are made from mono-material tubes, which are easily recycled – plus, the glass jars and bottles just need to be rinsed out of any excess first. If in doubt, head to the site for an easy guide to what’s recyclable and what’s not. The brand has also partnered with TerraCycle, so you can recycle all your empties – including the pumps – while reaping extra rewards. 

Und Gretel

About The Brand: Developed by make-up artist Christina Roth and brand expert Stephanie Dettmann, Und Gretel is a curated line of nourishing cosmetics. Formulated with organic ingredients, the products are vivid in colour and have brilliant staying power. The Luk Crème Eye Sticks are a standout – simply scribble them on and blend the creamy formula with your fingers for a soft, smokey finish. We also love the silky base make-up and bushy brow gels. From avocado oil to chamomile and clary sage extract, ingredients are gentle for all skin types to use, while the plant-based emollients and waxes make for a seamless blend. 
Sustainable Credentials: All of Und Gretel’s packaging is sustainable, recyclable and FSC-certified (which means products are not only renewable, but come from forests that are managed responsibly). You can also stock up on refills without endless repurchases, which minimises any throwaway guilt and also becomes more cost-effective in the long run. Vegan and cruelty-free, the brand never tests on animals and sources ingredients ethically.

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