These Are The Most Popular Beauty Treatments of 2019

Treatwell has revealed its biggest beauty treatment trends of 2019, and we thought the results were pretty interesting. Forget traditional facials, which have fallen by 9%. Instead, it’s all about dermaplaning, brow lamination and sugaring – a new form of hair removal. Here, we explain the top trends and why they're likely to stick around in 2020…


Using a combination of sugar and water, this treatment offers a more natural alternative to traditional waxing. As one of 2018’s fastest-growing treatment options, it’s risen in popularity by a further 91% this year. Gentle and kinder to skin, most salons use honey for softer exfoliation and smoother results overall.

Lash Lifts

Like a perm for your lashes, this new treatment (known as LVL) sets the shape of your natural lashes using a chemical solution. Kinder than extensions, it adds volume, curl and lengthens without any fuss of glue or self-application. The best bit? Your technician will customise a curl for you depending on your eye shape and needs so it never looks theatrical or false. Results can last for at least eight weeks, But if you want a more defined look, just be sure to book in for a tint afterwards, too.


With bookings up 621% since last year, dermaplaning is now one of the most sought-after treatments in 2019, and it’s easy to see why. The treatment involves a surgical scalpel gently (honestly, you barely feel it) scraping away dead cells and fine hairs from the skin’s surface. Not only does it aid better absorption of your products, it also gives you a smoother, brighter complexion.

Brow Lamination

Searches for brow lamination have grown by 465% since last year. The latest alternative to micro blading, it promises full, slicked-up brows with a high-shine finish that lasts for weeks. It’s also less invasive and more affordable. Put simply, brow lamination takes your unruly or thinning brow hair and smooths it out while lifting the hair in a more vertical direction. Your brows will be brushed into shape as hairs are placed into the desired style and position. They will then be set with cling film and a style fixing product to straighten any unruly hairs, while still ensuring symmetry.




Crowned the most popular beauty treatment of 2019 (one is performed every 15 seconds worldwide), Hydrafacials are the newest way to get the glow. A gentler version of dermabrasion, it uses a thin-nibbed device to deeply cleanse before rehydrating the skin with nourishing, active ingredients. It’s suitable for all skin types and is said to deliver effective and consistent results in just 30 minutes with no downtime – texture, tone and irritation or acne are also said to  improve after just a few treatments.


While not a new treatment, cryotherapy still saw a +41% increase in online searches in 2019. The treatment leaves you standing in frozen air as cold as 160 degrees.  It’s a method which is proven to boost your health, improve your wellbeing and make you happier by accelerating the body’s natural recovery processes. It can also aid skin texture and help in managing chronic pain and fatigue. No wonder it’s favoured by celebrities and sports stars alike.

Laser Facials

One of the most popular treatments around, laser facials are a non-invasive way of tackling dark spots and hyperpigmentation. But it doesn’t stop there – with  up to 10 lasers used for different skin treatments, each one can target a variety of issues, including acne and rosacea. While effective, laser treatments should be part of a long-term skincare regime – don’t think of them as a single quick-fix. Just be patient, the results are worth it.

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