The Skin-Tightening Treatment Everyone’s Talking About
The Skin-Tightening Treatment Everyone’s Talking About

The Skin-Tightening Treatment Everyone’s Talking About

You’ve probably heard of microneedling – but did you know it’s had a major upgrade? Potenza™ is the customisable new technology that boosts collagen and elastin levels. With minimal side effects, it promises a complexion overhaul with zero downtime. We asked Anna Harvey, skin specialist and aesthetician at Thérapie Clinic, to explain more and how you can try it with 25% OFF this Black Friday.

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What Is Microneedling?

“Microneedling has been around since the early 1900s but the technology has evolved significantly. These days, radiofrequency (RF) microneedling works by jump-starting your body’s own collagen-regeneration process, creating small, controlled punctures in your skin, combined with thermal RF heat. This triggers your body’s natural healing response to stimulate more collagen and elastin production, resulting in tighter, firmer-looking skin.”

And What Is Potenza?

“Potenza™ is the newest and most advanced RF microneedling treatment. It works to deliver a dual-actioned approach to skin rejuvenation. The depth of the needles themselves are different with Potenza™. They are designed to ensure ingredients and topical remedies such as serums can penetrate the skin deeper – by up to 67%. Potenza™ also has several other treatment tips to choose from, allowing your practitioner to tailor the experience to your particular concerns. Its four RF modes treat a large variety of skin concerns. The treatment itself harnesses all this technology to deliver remarkable results – think better skin texture and a more youthful appearance.”

Speaking Of Skin Concerns, Which Ones Do Potenza Address?

“Given Potenza™ works to stimulate collagen and elastin production, it’s an ideal treatment for minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Thanks to RF energy, it’s also ideal for those looking to tighten existing collagen fibres for firmer, tauter-looking skin. The microneedling aspect of this treatment also helps to improve skin’s texture, remodelling it for a smoother surface and therefore reducing issues like acne scarring, enlarged pores and areas where breakouts are forming under the skin. It works fast to refresh your skin’s appearance and give it better glow. It can work on the body too – including the neck, décolletage and above the knees, elbows and abdomen.”

Are There Any Skin Types That Should Avoid This Treatment?

“In short, no. Potenza™ can be tailored to individual skin types and tones for the best results with minimal irritation. At most, patients may see mild redness and slight swelling post-treatment, but overall downtime is next to nothing – at most a few hours of discomfort.”

What Does The Actual Procedure Entail?

“Potenza™ treatments are less painful than other RF microneedling tends to be. This is because it doesn’t overstimulate the very top layer of your skin. Everyone’s pain tolerance is different though, so a numbing cream can be applied for a gentler experience. The treatment itself is quick and a full face can be completed in less than 60 minutes. If you’re nervous or unsure, rest assured you will always have a consultation first – not only to assess your needs, but also to ensure you’re getting the results you’re after. At Thérapie Clinic these consultations are free and there is never any pressure or obligation to proceed.”

Will You See Results Immediately?

“Results can be seen as early as four to six weeks after a single treatment. These will become more visible over time and with increased treatments. As your skin’s cell turnover progresses, the treated skin’s collagen and elastin fibres will continue to strengthen. The result? A more youthful, refreshed complexion. It's a popular treatment among brides-to-be, especially when they complete three sessions roughly six months prior to their wedding as this is when they see optimal results. Based on your individual goals, you will likely need between 3-5 treatments, but even one or two can be effective enough for those wanting to see subtle improvements.”

What’s The Cost?

“At Thérapie Clinic a full ‘Face Course’ of three sessions is normally around £885, but for Black Friday, we’re offering it for £664, which is a saving of £220. This discount will run until  Sunday 26th November."

What Makes Thérapie Clinic Different?

“The practitioners at Thérapie have delivered more than ten million treatments, all of which continue to be hugely popular thanks to their efficacy and results. Since opening 20 years ago, Thérapie has built up a strong and loyal clientele, with all treatments – including Potenza™ – delivered by a doctor, specialist or medical professional. Across more than 200 practitioners, the expertise on offer is impressive. Our top techniques guarantee the best and most natural-looking results, too. What’s more, we’re based all over the UK and Ireland, so we’re accessible to everyone.”

Finally, Is There Any Pre & Post-Care Worth Knowing About?

“I always recommend staying hydrated – both topically and internally – to improve the outcome of your treatment. With that in mind, it’s worth abstaining from alcohol for 24 hours before and after treatment. Try to avoid overly drying retinols a week before and after. Skip exercise that increases your body temperature 24 hours before and after Potenza™. Finally, avoid exposing your sun to UV and always wear SPF/sunblock for maximum protection as your skin will be much more sensitive post-treatment. If you’ve had Potenza™ and find you’re suffering with redness that persists, use an ice pack with a protective barrier – like a face cloth or towel – and you’ll soon see that inflammation lessens.”

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