Everything You Need To Know About Profhilo
Everything You Need To Know About Profhilo

Everything You Need To Know About Profhilo

Glowfhilo is the new treatment everyone's talking about. A cross between a non-chemical peel and an advanced injectable moisturising treatment, it works by exfoliating and reconditioning the skin. Here, it’s creator and founder Dr Parisha Acharya explains what it’s all about…
By Sapna Rao


Let's start off with a bit of background – what is Glowfhilo?

“Glowfhilo is a treatment I created to deal with my own post-summer skin concerns. After a holiday, the skin often feels dehydrated, congested and dull. I wanted to find a gentle yet effective way of tackling these common concerns – all with minimal downtime. The treatment is a combination of a PCA NoPeel Peel and Profhilo – a highly innovative advanced injectable moisturising treatment. This blend leaves the skin feeling revived, nourished and reconditioned.”

Could you explain a bit more about PCA Peels and Profhilo?

“Rather than a dermal filler, Profhilo is a bio-remodelling product – a new category of injectable moisturiser. Combining two types of hyaluronic acid, HA and LHA, it uses both these powerful components to produce longer-lasting results. The treatment promotes intensive skin laxity remodelling – the reduction of sagging tissue that occurs during the natural ageing process. Profhilo is not used to change the structure of your skin, but it is designed to restore hydration. A PCA NoPeel Peel provides gentle exfoliation with no visible peeling or downtime afterwards. It smooths the skin and boosts brightness – plus it’s formulated to be safe for all skin types and features. With a blend of exfoliating acids and calming ingredients, this promotes better skin renewal and evens out skin tone, removing impurities and decongesting pores. Glowfhilo – as mentioned – brings these two treatments together.”

The treatment is a combination of a PCA NoPeel Peel and Profhilo – a HIGHLY INNOVATIVE ADVANCED INJECTABLE MOISTURISING TREATMENT. This blend leaves the skin feeling revived, nourished and reconditioned.

What about it makes Glowfilo different from other treatments? 

“This treatment is unique because it’s designed to tackle common skin concerns from multiple angles. It exfoliates away dead skin cells, promotes cellular renewal and targets discolouration, all while deeply hydrating and boosting collagen levels and elastin production. It also gives you the best of both worlds by improving the complexion, as well as subtly plumping and nourishing your skin.”

Talk us through the process – what does the treatment involve?

“It starts with the gentle superficial PCA NoPeel Peel, which removes impurities, detoxifies the pores and promotes collagen production by increasing cellular turnover. The peel itself is self-neutralising, which means Profhilo can be injected immediately afterwards to instantly hydrate and deeply nourish the skin. The beauty of a PCA Peel is that it can be individually tailored to you, allowing for a gentler exfoliation rather than a full chemical peel, so you get all the goodness of glowing skin with minimal downtime. Each Glowfhilo treatment appointment takes 45 minutes, and you would ideally have two treatments every four weeks to maintain the results.”

When can you expect to see real results and how long will they last?

“You’ll see visible results as early as a week after treatment. But the real, deeper-level change will become clear at around 8-12 weeks after the initial treatment. Results tend to last between three to six months depending on your skin type. I typically recommend a tailored maintenance regime to each person in the second session – once I’ve seen how a person’s skin has responded to the treatment.” 

This treatment is unique because it’s DESIGNED TO TACKLE common SKIN CONCERNS from multiple angles.

Is there anything you should avoid doing before an appointment, or anyone who shouldn't get it done? 

“Pre-treatment, I recommend patients stop using active skincare products for at least five days. And no facial laser or waxing two weeks either side of treatment. After having the treatment, it’s always best avoid extreme heat, sunlight, exercise and active skincare products for five days. Unfortunately, there are a few people who shouldn't have the treatment done. This includes anyone who is pregnant, breast-feeding, has an aspirin allergy, cold sores, has active skin infections or anyone who uses Roaccutane.” 

How much should a treatment like this cost?

“Our treatments start at £650 for a single session and £1,200 for two. As usual, anything that appears to be a good deal is probably too good to be true.”


Glowfhilo treatments are available at Waterhouse Young with Dr Paris. To book, visit WaterhouseYoung.com 


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