When SheerLuxe Met Violette, The Beauty Star Of Instagram

When SheerLuxe Met Violette, The Beauty Star Of Instagram

It’s fair to say, here at SL we all have a bit of a girl crush on Violette, so when we were given the opportunity to interview Estée Lauder’s Global Beauty Director, we delved deep into her beauty regime to see what secrets we could steal for ourselves. Here’s what we learnt…

You epitomise ‘French Girl Beauty’ – what does French girl beauty mean to you?

In France we learn how to take care of what we have, what Mother Nature gave us. We don’t do blow dries or crazy hair, but instead we will use incredible conditioners and hair masks. We also don’t do tonnes of treatments and fillers, but instead choose to indulge in weekly facials and eat healthily.

What’s your day to day make-up look?

For make-up, I always wear concealer, always. I use the Estée Lauder Double Wear Instant Fix 24H Concealer + Hydra PrepWear Concealer, because I don’t have to touch it up at all during the day. Then I apply black mascara. And I like to double-up my lipstick as a blush too, so it's the same kind of colour— the colour depends on the day.I always finish with a little bit of highlighter. That's my go-to look.

And your skincare routine?

I use this very soft cleanser, it's like milk, and then I spritz my face with water. I follow that with Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Intensive Recovery Ampoules. I'm obsessed with anything “recovery,” which preps my skin really well. I also have a light cream that I layer on top. 

Tell us about the Estee Lauder Violette Collection?

This new collection, Oh Naturelle! is a collection of essential nudes, with shades that flatter all women and finishes and textures that could be used to create a variety of looks. For years, I had to mix and match different products and was still having trouble finding the perfect nude shades. There was either too much pink or yellow, too much sparkle or not enough. I wanted to create a collection that any woman can take and make her own with whatever look she decides to create.

What was the inspiration behind the collection and what are the hero products?

I was very inspired by nude shades and tones that were becoming more and more popular in fashion and I wanted to translate this colour palette into makeup. While my previous collections have been inspired by one very specific vision, this collection was inspired by all women. I wanted a collection of essential nudes for any woman to create endless makeup looks that still allow her to look and feel like herself.
If I had to choose a favourite from the collection it would be The Face & Eye Palette. I love that it’s so convenient and versatile and flatters all skin tones. A must for every woman can keep it in her handbag and add a bit of colour and glow throughout her day. 

You’re expecting your first child – Congratulations! Has your beauty regime changed?

Thank you. I have had so many food aversions that my hair and skin were crying out for help. I had a rash on my skin and lost almost 40% of my hair. But I was taking supplements and then after the first trimester, I was able to eat much better foods which completely helped revive my hair and skin. I also had to make sure none of the products I was using contained essential oils or retinol.

What are your top tips for getting ready in five minutes?

It’s hard because I’m a minimalist for makeup – I’d say bare skin and intense red lips, or messy hair with glitter eyes. But I am not a minimalist when it comes to skincare. My skincare routine is long and vigorous.

Which French pharmacy brands do you rate?

Boiron Homéostick Lip Balm – it leaves the lips perfect and smooth. I buy 20 of them every time I’m in Paris.

Application is vital for a flawless look. What’s your top tips for applying makeup with ease?

  • Foundation: I never put foundation on the nose. I focus it in the center of the face, and I will pat it from the side of the nose, on the cheekbones, on the cheek, and under the eye. As soon as I reach the cheekbone, I will stop patting  and I will just blend out whatever is there. This icreates more texture in the centre of the face, and then the foundation disappears into the skin. The idea is to create an optical illusion of re-plumping the face.

  • Mascara: Wiggle mascara on the top and bottom lashes, focused at the root. It makes your lashes look thicker, but it doesn’t look like you’re wearing makeup.
  • Eyeshadow:
    • Apply a creamy illuminating product as a base for your eyeshadow. Not only will this give the eyeshadow a sheer effect, but it will make your eyes glow.
    • Apply eyeshadow first to the center of the eyelid with the finger before blending it out over the whole lid for a subtle, faded look.
  • Blush/bronzer:
    • I like to apply bronzer using my fingers to the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline, and across the bridge of the nose. It gives more of a tanned look as opposed to a contoured one.
    • For blush, I like to use lipstick as blush.

What’s your haircare routine and which products can you not live without?

My pregnancy changed my haircare routine, I lost my curl. Since then, I’ve been using two brands – Aveda and Briogeo. They both have incredible ingredients, and allow me to moisturise my hair without weighing it down – it has a life of its own right now. Before bed, I like put an Aveda oil in my hair and then braid it. Then, I wake up in the morning and wash my hair and it looks so shiny and feels so soft.

You’ve nailed the perfect grown-out, slightly rock ‘n’ roll fringe. Tell us your secret and how you style it?

I have a little clip that I put on my bangs to lift them more in the center, because it gives them more of a ‘70s vibe. I don't like it when my bangs are flat and round, which looks more ‘80s.

What’s your top tips for clean but perfectly messy hair?

I have this spray from Bumble and Bumble called Thickening Dry Spun Finish – it keeps the shape you give to your hair. I put it on the centre, on the roots of my hair, and then I pinch it up and clip my hair in a bun. While my hair is ‘setting’, I'll apply my makeup. And then when I remove my bun and little clip, my hair has a natural messy wave.

What makeup tools should all women have in their makeup bags?

I always have a concealer and red lipstick in my bag. Even if I’m not wearing red lipstick that day, I have it just in case I need a quick dressed-up look.

What’s your approach to anti-ageing?

I notice a big difference between the women who take care of themselves and the ones who smoke and eat unhealthy foods. So it makes me feel like ageing can look beautiful, but it depends on how you treat yourself and approach ageing.

What are your top tips for getting a healthy glow?

To me, food is the key to the healthiest skin. And also removing your makeup at night.

Is there such a thing as the perfect red lip?

Yes. Apply it with your lips closed. When you have your mouth open, you can’t see the shape as well. So close your mouth to draw your ideal shape. You can cheat by overdrawing slightly to make the lips appear larger or apply the colour slightly inside the lip line to make them seem smaller. If it’s too much, you can blot with a tissue, but I say start bold first, then remove if you need to.

We’re always looking for tips on how to cover under eye circles, do you have any?

I usually don't blend, but prefer to pad [the product on] with a Beautyblender so I am sure the concealer really fuses with the skin. Also, you can apply a little highlighter under the eyes which softens the shadows.

You’ve got great brows, what’s your secret?

I use a brow pencil to brush them out and then I use a tinted brow gel to bring more depth and thickness to my eyebrows.

Which nail colours do you always wear?

Right now, I’m very into nudes. I’m very inspired by the Oh Naturelle! collection. Everything is a nude colour mood. 

And lipstick?

I regularly wear Estée Lauder’s Pure Color Envy Paint-On Liquid LipColors because they really last. With this, you can skip the lip pencil step and go about your day, not worrying about it moving. And unlike other formulas, it doesn’t feel dry on my lips.

What’s the beauty mistake you see women doing time and time again?

I always notice when women apply foundation and it doesn’t look natural. I always say only to apply foundation where you need it and never to put foundation right on the front of your nose. If the skin is too matte, it doesn’t look real – you need that little bit of shine. So only apply the foundation around the sides of your nose, and any place else you need to make the skin look more even.

Which fragrance do you wear?

My favourite perfume is the one I created with In Fiore called Baisers de Jasmin. It’s a perfume on the go and it’s all natural, so it’s my absolute favourite.

Where do you go for treatments? Which treatments do you swear by?

I have facials every six weeks at Rescue Spa.. At home, I do my own facials once a week.

What was your first memory of beauty or makeup?

Growing up in France, I remember seeing women in t-shirts and messy hair, and yet they had incredible, perfect red lipstick on, and heels. They could be at the grocery store, or at school picking up their kids.. In my mind, I started to associate heels with lipstick. I get my inspiration for lips from shoes.

Which women do you most admire?

Estée Lauder of course. She was such a visionary. We have so much in common. Her philosophy was not about selling her products, but about selling the look. This idea of, ‘What do you need? vs. What do I think you need?’ She created this brand as a woman in an era when being a businesswoman was not a done thing. And she created it herself and now it’s part of history. I’m also just inspired by all women. I walk in the street—New York is an incredible source of inspiration because there is so much diversity—and the women in NYC dare to try.

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The new Estée Lauder by Violette Oh Naturelle! Collection will be available exclusively on EsteeLauder.co.uk from 8th April and on Estée Lauder counters nationwide from 23rd April. For more from Violette follow her on Instagram via @violette_fr

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