The Best Podcasts For Every Interest

First came Serial, then My Dad Wrote A Porno, and soon the whole nation was podcast-obsessed. But if you haven’t found the right one for your commute, school run or gym session don’t worry – these are the best of the best that are well worth a listen.


Happy Place By Fearne Cotton

Though initially known for her presenting skills, Fearne Cotton has built a name for herself in the self-care world, advocating the finding of happiness in the everyday. In her podcast, she chats with a range of well-known names on all the ways they’ve learnt to find the joy in their lives. Look out for the episodes with Dawn French and Elizabeth Gilbert in particular.

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Under The Skin By Russell Brand

Another celebrity who’s become a spokesperson for the world of self-reflection is Russell Brand. A recovering drug addict, he’s an ardent believer in the 12 Step Programme and has applied it to all areas of his life. Each week he discusses the truths lying ‘beneath the surface’ of our lives, the influencers of our time and the history that is shaping our present. In Under the Skin, he speaks to some really prolific people - including Tony Robbins - in a series of intimate conversations. 

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You, Me & The Big C 

If the thought of listening to a podcast that’s all about cancer may not sound particularly appealing, You, Me and the Big C will change your mind very quickly. Hosted by Deborah James, Laura Mahon and, until autumn 2018, Rachael Bland who sadly lost her life to do the disease, it covers everything from the realities of living with cancer, tips on what to say to those who have it and how to navigate everything from chemo to fertility to beauty. In their candid discussions, they take themselves off the cancer pedestal and share what it really feels like to deal with cancer and still try to live a normal life. 

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Way popular than you may think, Griefcast interviews people (often comedians) about their grief stories - how they grieved, how they deal with bereavement and how you can, in even the smallest way, come to terms with losing a loved one. Hosted by Cariad Lloyd, who lost her father as a teenager, it’s warmer than you might imagine and often darkly funnier, too.

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How Did This Get Made? 

We’ve all seen those films - the ones that are so bad that they might actually just be genius. This podcast with Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas and June Diane Raphael follows them as they sit down to watch and dissect really bad movie suggestions.

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Dear Joan & Jericah 

Another one for those who love a dirty joke every now and again (and we know there are definitely a few out there). Comic actors Julia Davis and Vicki Pepperdine take on the roles of Joan and Jericah, two faux agony aunts hell bent on giving their ‘best’ (read: ‘most disgusting’) relationship advice. Make sure you’re not drinking coffee when you’re listening to this - you’re highly likely to spit it out. 

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Amy Schumer Presents 3 Girls, 1 Keith 

If Amy Schumer’s humour is up your street, you’ll love these discussions she has with three of her best friends - all of whom she describes as “morally bankrupt.” Funny and clever, this is the one to stick on if you’ve had a bad day and just really want to talk it out with friends. 

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The Guilty Feminist

Doing exactly what it says on the tin, The Guilty Feminist is for any woman who’s ever questioned whether all her beliefs and actions are entirely feminist. Hosted by Deborah Frances-White and guests in front of a live audience, it covers all the funny, weird and curious parts of being a woman in the modern world. 

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How To Fail 

We’ve all dealt with failure but until recently, we rarely got the opportunity or felt comfortable enough to talk about it. Journalist Elizabeth Day is tackling that one guest at a time. A series of interviews with prolific figures (mostly in the media), the discussion centres on three or four failures that proved pivotal and educational for the people they belong to.

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Call Your Girlfriend 

If your best friend is miles away, take comfort in this feel-good podcast, where two long-distance, long-time pals talk about everything that’s going on in American pop culture and politics. Highly intelligent and thought-provoking, it’ll keep you on top of what’s going on in the USA and give you food for thought to discuss with your own mates next time you get to speak to them.

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Where Should I Begin?

Love is a tough game. Long-lasting love takes work, compromise and time - something that couples therapist Esther Perel isn’t afraid to tackle. Each episode hears her talk to an anonymous couple about the problems, challenges and wonders they face on a daily basis. A candid, often raw and moving look at the obstacles that all long-term relationships go through - as entertaining as it is intriguing.

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The Hollywood Reporter Awards Chatter

Ever wanted to hear some of the world’s most famous people really analyse their lives? The Hollywood Reporter does just that. The host takes a deep dive into the career of a different A lister or Hollywood legend in each episode, quizzing them on the journey that brought them to their current project which (as the title suggests) is surrounded by an awards buzz.

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Wow In The World 

This is ideal for anyone who has a kid interested in the world of science and technology. Each episode sees hosts Mindy and Guy break down STEM topics for kids in an entertaining and accessible way. 

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