A Stylish Influencer Shares Her Style Dos & Don’ts
A Stylish Influencer Shares Her Style Dos & Don’ts

A Stylish Influencer Shares Her Style Dos & Don’ts

Cass Dimicco has been in the fashion industry for years – first as a blogger, then as an influencer and now as the founder of jewellery brand Aureum Collective. Like her half a million Instagram followers, we’re big fans of her sophisticated take on personal style – which is why we asked her to share her biggest dos and don’ts.
By Sapna Rao

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DO rely on flattering outfit formulas

For me, that’s a loose-fit trouser or a pair of jeans, a belt, a fitted top and lots of statement jewellery. Once you have a formula that works for you, you can adapt it for different settings. For example, switch out a top for a cool swimsuit or swap the jeans for a pair of linen trousers.

DON’T expect good style to just ‘happen’

I’ve always been into fashion, but my tastes have definitely changed as I’ve gotten older. I don’t like it when people say, “I could never pull that off” – that’s not how it works! It’s all about confidence and being who you want to be; you just have to own what you like and wear it with pride. That’s what’s so fun about fashion – you can reinvent your style at any time.

DO try to find fresh inspiration

I find a lot of my inspiration on Pinterest – I’m always pinning new outfits to recreate. I also recommend spending a day trying to create outfits with pieces in your wardrobe, figuring out which items you’re missing to complete those dream looks. Sometimes, one piece can be the missing link.

DON’T disregard monochrome dressing

Personally, I like mixing summer white with black – especially in the accessories – to give my looks a bit of edge. It can be a black belt, sunglasses or a bag. My favourite accessories right now are from The Row. There’s something so timeless about black and white.


DO focus on building capsule wardrobes

White linen trousers from Helmut Lang, a Marni basket bag and Aureum’s own gold Karina cuff are three pieces I wear on repeat in the summer. When it comes to building a summer capsule, stick to what you’d wear year round but swap certain pieces out for lighter fabrics. Summer is a great time to have fun with accessories, too – for example, a good basket bag, bold sunglasses or a statement earring.

DON’T be afraid to leave your comfort zone

I tend to gravitate towards neutrals because I think it’s easier to mix and match different pieces and create maximum cost per wear. In the summer I enjoy wearing white, but I do like to add a splash of colour or a print here or there. A great way to do this is with swimwear or a printed silk scarf.

DO look out for new brands

There are a few on my radar this year. Enza Costa makes amazing silk pieces and basics, and the price point is reasonable relative to how great the pieces look on. Pixie Market is great if you’re after standout pieces that you’ll want to wear all year round, and SIR the label is a fashion-girl favourite. The price point is because it’s an Australian brand, but it’s worth it.


DON’T always buy new

I find so many amazing pieces on The Real Real and shopping pre-loved really helps you develop a unique personal style. If you love a piece that’s from a few seasons ago, you know it will stand the test of time. Plus, if your entire wardrobe is new, your looks can start to feel a bit stale very quickly. I don’t love following trends, but I do think it’s important to stay up to date with current silhouettes. For example, loose-fitting trousers feel fresher than a skinny jean right now – but it’s important to pick and choose what works for you as trends can be so short lived.

DO prioritise the accessories

My go-to earrings right now are Aureum’s own Bernadette shell pair – they just scream summer. I also love round acetate sunglasses that have a vintage feel to them – my favourites are vintage Chanel and Saint Laurent.

DON’T put all your jackets away for summer

I recently started investing in more lightweight jackets – for example with gold buttons. You can easily drape these over any summer look, especially if there's a bit of a breeze, and it will feel more elevated. That one extra piece can give your looks a more finished and interesting feel – plus, I always tend to be cold at night.

DO invest in the small details

The key to looking elevated on a budget is to spend a bit more on the accessories and then wear simple pieces from quality high-street brands. My key tip when shopping on the high street is to avoid pieces with excess hardware such as belts, buttons, buckles – they tend to give away that a piece is on the cheaper side. I love buying tanks, t-shirts and jeans from the high street and will then spend a bit more money on an Italian leather belt, my jewellery and a vintage designer bag.

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Taya Necklace, £365 | Aureum
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