The New Sustainable Collection To Know About
The New Sustainable Collection To Know About

The New Sustainable Collection To Know About

Here at SheerLuxe, we’ve teamed up with Superdry to showcase its new sustainable collection, which includes everything from vegan trainers to organic cotton separates and ethical workout gear. In this three-part series, we’re talking to female entrepreneurs building sustainable businesses, and asking them to share an insight into their daily routines. First up is Nikki Mehta, co-founder of haircare brand Fable & Mane…

Created in partnership with SUPERDRY

I wake up at 7am every morning. I live in London and my home really is my sanctuary. I always start with light yoga stretches, a bit of meditation and some tulsi tea, then I take my cavapoo puppy for a walk. I also light some palo santo to boost my mood and set some affirmations for the day.

To me, ‘sustainable living’ means living with awareness and intention. Every day I try to be mindful of the impact I’m having on the world and what impact my purchases and shopping habits have. Ultimately, it’s about leaving the world a better place and knowing why you’re doing something.

I’d describe my personal style as elegant, refined, vibrant and a bit glamorous. When I’m getting dressed, I always think about comfort, the material, and how it will make me feel. Especially for work, I want to look chic but feel like myself. 

Every day I try to be MINDFUL of the IMPACT I'M HAVING ON THE WORLD and what impact my purchases and shopping habits have.

I started Fable & Mane because I wanted to celebrate the beauty secrets I grew up with – specifically my grandma’s hair oiling technique – and share it with the world in a more modern and accessible way. There was a gap in the market for clean, cultural and conscious beauty – especially in haircare – and our lightweight, sustainably sourced, clean formulas are designed for everyone to enjoy. 

The term ‘conscious beauty’ is all about self-love. Being aware of what you put on your skin – your body’s largest organ – and slowing down and taking that time for yourself. If you do that, you’ll gravitate towards brands that share the same important values as you.

The Fable Fund is important to me because I believe all good things are wild and free. I am a big cat lover – our planet desperately needs rewilding and I want to do what I can protect their habitats. It is one of my great life missions and the fund supports this.

A big lesson I’ve learnt in business is patience. All things happen in time, at the right time and you have to let things come to you. Manifesting happens when you learn to work hard and let the less important stuff go.

The one piece of career advice I’d give other women is ask for what you want. Whatever it is you desire, get up and get out of your own way. More people are likely to say yes than no. I firmly believe this planet needs more strong, fearless women at the top. I always encourage my own team to speak their minds, be creative, proactive and just own it.

Our business is sustainable because we believe in giving back, protecting the wild and living in harmony with our surroundings. We also produce at the local level, thereby reducing carbon emissions and our shipping footprint. We also use post-recycled packaging for all our products. In the future, we'd love to introduce refills for our shampoo and conditioners.

The new Superdry collection is so INNOVATIVE because it balances COOL DESIGN and COMFORT with SUSTAINABLY SOURCED materials.

I’m trying to build more sustainable habits at home. I’ve started using refillable filtered water, eco-friendly cleaning products and I follow a plant-based diet. I love Mexican and Israeli food, so vegan tacos or a hummus falafel wrap are my go-to midweek meals. I never like anything too heavy in the evenings. Typically, I buy my food from the local farmers’ market, Waitrose or Indian grocery shops.

Cutting down on food waste has been another big change for me. In restaurants, I used to love trying every dish, but as I’ve become more aware, I only get one or two dishes that I know I will finish. If I ever order a takeaway, I try to save as many of the leftovers as possible for the next day.

A typical workday for me involves all sorts – creative direction on campaigns, creating ideas for new content, working on new product formulas and our three-year launch calendar. I really invest the time in developing our formulas to make sure they’re the perfect blend of texture, performance and sensorial experience. The products have to be something I would look forward to using in the shower myself. 

After a long day at work I like to unwind in the sauna. Reading a feel-good book also makes me feel instantly calm – as does a good Pilates class. I love Melissa Wood Health and Forma Pilates – both are based in the US, but I take their classes online. They’ve completely transformed my body and posture. If you ask me, there’s nothing better for you than getting some energy moving through your entire body. Superdry does some great workout pieces, too – my favourites are the organic cotton t-shirts.

The one piece of CAREER ADVICE I’d give other women is ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT. Whatever it is you desire, get up and get out of your own way.

Some of my favourite evening rituals include meditation, a head massage with HoliRoots Hair Oil and listening to a good podcast. I also massage my body with lots of hydrating oil to make sure I wake up feeling rested and rejuvenated.

The new Superdry collection is so innovative because it balances cool design and comfort with sustainably sourced materials. When I was working in fashion I studied the entire organic cotton supply chain, working with BCI and farmers in India at luxury conglomerates like LVMH. To this day, sourcing is always something I look at when I buy shirts.

Some of my favourite pieces from the collection are the eyelash cami top, the vintage logo t-shirts, the dungarees and the vegan trainers. The vibe is so chic, and they’re all pieces I look forward to wearing.

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