12 Women In Wellness Share Their Go-To Online Workout

12 Women In Wellness Share Their Go-To Online Workout

Whether you’re into boxing, spinning, yoga or Pilates, the choice around virtual workouts has never been broader. To help you find the best one for you, we asked some top wellness experts to share the online classes they swear by.

Natalia Bojanic, Co-Founder Of Form Nutrition

“A subscription to the Peloton app is worth every penny – the variety of classes and energy of the trainers is unparalleled. If I’m in the mood for a high-intensity workout, I’ll tune into cardio dance with Cody Rigsby or strength training with Adrian Williams, but on those days I feel like something slower-paced, you can’t beat a slow flow yoga class with Denis Morton. Regardless of the class you choose, every workout is well-structured and designed to get the heart rate soaring.”

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Stephanie Drax, Founder Of Leapfrog Remedies

“I admit it was her string of celebrity acolytes that first got me curious. Now, Tracy Anderson has had me hooked for a decade – from her DVDs to her recently launched online platform, which beams live sessions from her studios in the US. The moves are admittedly complex – she is a former dancer – so I avoid watching my flailing limbs in the mirror during workouts at home. It’s refreshingly different to standard aerobics, though – she makes my body to twist and fold in ways I didn’t know possible. She says she’s awakening ‘accessory muscles’ for a sculpted look. I feel it and I can see the difference.”

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Petronella Ravenshear, Nutritionist

“Nahid de Belgeonne, who heads up The Human Method, is my go-to for resetting body and mind. Most of us live in a constant state of ‘fight or flight’, which is fine in the short term but can wreak havoc with your health in the long run. Nahid’s online classes are a combination of physical movement and breathwork designed to rest and regenerate the body. You can catch up on demand, too.”

Visit TheHumanBeingDiet.com

Naomi White, Health & Wellness Communications Specialist

Luke Worthington’s Home Workout Plan was my saviour during the various lockdowns. A bodyweight programme, it gives you structured workouts to follow and ensures you stay injury-free while building strength. Alongside this, I practise yoga with Cat Meffan and subscribe to her Soul Sanctuary app – I love the restorative flows and meditation classes which provide mental clarity after a hectic day.”

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Lucy Miller, Nutritionist 

“I’ve been using the Fiit app for years and nothing else comes close to the selection of cardio, strength and mobility classes. Using either bodyweight, dumbbells or kettlebells and a heart rate monitor to track progress, I choose either an intermediate or advanced class. The app is easy to navigate and if you’re feeling indecisive, choose from one of the training plans or challenges.”

Visit LucyMillerNutrition.com

Dr Johanna Ward, GP & Founder Of Zenii London

“I work out five times a week using a variety of online platforms. My favourite is Five Parks Yoga on YouTube, which keeps me supple. I also rate Growing Annanas on YouTube – her HIIT and toning workouts are great – as well as Global Cycling Network (GCN), which has an incredible selection of spinning workouts that I do on my bike at home.”

Visit Zenii.co.uk

Camilla Hewitt, Make-Up Artist & Wellness Writer

“Barre is a fantastic way to sculpt lean muscle and build fitness levels. During lockdown, I came across Nourish Move Love’s YouTube channel and have been doing her classes religiously since. I particularly rate her 30-minute Power Cardio Barre classes – they never seem to get easier and are great for improving posture and tone.”

Visit CamillaHewitt.co.uk

Annee De Mamiel, Aromatherapist & Acupuncturist

The Peloton bike is a serious piece of kit, and the classes provide a great workout. On a rainy weekend morning, I love doing a long ride on one of the scenic routes, while the endurance programmes support my running. Unlike other apps, it also provides data after a ride, so you can monitor progress and finetune performance. The sense of accomplishment after each ride is second-to-none.”

Visit DeMamiel.com

Alice Mackintosh, Nutrition Consultant

Charlotte Tooth is one of the best trainers I’ve come across. She used to be a trainer at Barrecore and recently launched her own fitness platform. Her knowledge of physiology and anatomy is exceptional. I’m prone to injury following pregnancy, so really appreciate it when someone can remind me about positioning, weight placement, visualisation and movement intention to ensure I’m focused on the right muscle groups. Charlotte is a mastermind in creating movements that target muscles you didn’t even know you had – I always finish a class feeling energised and vibrant.”

Visit AliceMackintosh.com

Chloe Brotheridge, Hypnotherapist & Anxiety Expert

“If you haven’t tried Kayla Itsines’s Sweat App yet, do – it’s an industry favourite for a reason. The workouts aren’t easy but if you’re looking for results, it’s one to try. Be prepared for lots of commandos – where you go from a plank to push-up position repeatedly – which are killer, but seriously effective.”

Visit Calmer-You.com

Dr Tiina Meder, Founder Of Meder Beauty

“As an avid swimmer, I was devastated when pools closed last year and was on a mission to find a workout that kept me as strong as swimming. Since using the Centr app (headed up by Chris Hemsworth) I haven’t looked back. Offering boxing, cardio, yoga and Pilates, it makes working out varied and fun – there are even meditation sessions for when you need to switch off. The best thing? I recently started swimming again and found my technique had improved thanks to increased strength and a new-found understanding of my body.”

Visit MederBeauty.com

Emma Bardwell, Registered Nutritionist

"The women’s health body coach Lysta Reardon is my go-to online trainer. We run a 10-week online programme together targeting body fat loss, hormone health and mental wellbeing. The rest of the time I rely on the Fiit app – I do three to five sessions per week and relish the endorphin rush after a good sweat. For me, it’s as much about feeling mentally strong as it about sculpting my triceps.”

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