13 Women In Wellness Share Their Go-To Healthy Breakfasts

13 Women In Wellness Share Their Go-To Healthy Breakfasts

Whether you’re looking for some fresh breakfast inspiration or want to put a healthier spin on your first meal of the day, we went to some of the wellness industry’s biggest names to discover what they go for. From protein-packed smoothies to gut-nourishing bowls, here’s what they said…

Melanie Lawson, CEO and founder of Bare Biology

“When I want something quick and healthy, I make Hemsley + Hemsley’s flaxseed bread. Made with nutrient-rich flaxseeds, butter and eggs, it’s packed with fibre and great for digestive health. It’s also high in protein and I often make a big batch and freeze it pre-sliced to enjoy throughout the week. Two slices are enough to keep me going all morning, especially when topped with some almond butter for some added healthy fats.”
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Katie Gray, Pilates instructor and founder of Kind by KG

“During the week, I teach first thing so tend to wait until I’ve finished to have breakfast. By this point I’m hungry and need something quick and nutritious. In the cooler months, my go-to is a bowl of porridge. I add a handful of gluten-free oats, a spoonful of chia seeds, a spoonful of peanut butter and some almond milk to a bowl and pop it in the microwave for a few minutes. Once it’s done, I’ll add a little more liquid if it’s too thick, a spoonful of Form Nutrition chocolate peanut protein powder, and top with cinnamon, seeds, blueberries and goji berries.”
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Emilia Herting, co-founder of Escapada Health and TCM practitioner

“Timing is important when it comes to breakfast – according to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), 8am-9am is the ideal time to activate the stomach and spleen, which both help to kickstart digestion and your metabolism. My favourite breakfast is a small bowl of spelt oats, almond milk, mixed nuts, cinnamon, a dollop of yoghurt and some cooked or fresh fruits as a topping. I eat seasonally, so choose apples, pears and plums when it’s cold and berries and more tropical fruits in the summer.”
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Rhian Stephenson, registered nutritionist, naturopath and founder of ARTAH

“I love scrambled tofu with avocado and sliced tomato – it’s speedy, plant-based and makes a nice change from eggs. I season the tofu (always organic or fermented) with garlic, nutritional yeast, cumin and turmeric so it's full of flavour, and the side of avocado gives the breakfast a hit of essential fat, fibre and folate.”
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Rhian Stephenson's Scrambled Tofu
Rhian Stephenson's Scrambled Tofu
Clarrisa Lenherr's Yogurt Bowl
Clarrisa Lenherr's Yogurt Bowl

Clarissa Lenherr, registered nutritionist

“I love a yogurt bowl – the possibilities are endless, and it sets you up with balanced energy thanks to the combination of protein, fats, fibre and carbohydrates. I top live yogurt with a variety of berries (sometimes frozen), mixed raw nuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds and two heaped tablespoons of either healthy homemade granola or jumbo oats. Live yoghurt contains live bacterial strains which can contribute to good gut health.”
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Lily Simpson, founder of Detox Kitchen

“I always start the morning with a cup of black tea and make sure I have at least 500ml of water. If time isn’t on my side, I’ll have Marmite on rye toast or some homemade granola with oat milk. Homemade granola is a great way to add seeds and nuts into your diet – I make mine using porridge oats, honey, rice milk, nuts and desiccated coconut.”
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Jules Miller, founder and CEO of The Nue Co

“A balance of protein and good fats for breakfast sets me up for the day. My go-to is two eggs, fried in coconut oil or scrambled, spinach and half an avocado with salt, pepper, lime and chilli, along with a coffee with a dash of oat milk. I like to include an extra boost of nutrients with a green juice, along with our PREBIOTIC+PREBIOTIC to help maintain a healthy gut.”

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Jenna Hope, registered nutrition consultant

“You can’t go wrong with a bowl of porridge. My top tip? Always stir in an egg white while your porridge is on the hob to increase the protein content, slow down the release of carbs and keep you fuller for longer. I top my porridge with frozen berries for some sweetness and a hit of polyphenols.”

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Rebekah Brown, founder of MPowder

“The key thing I've learned on my menopause journey is that food is critical to nourishing the body and mind, and that getting the nutritional hit we need doesn't have to be complicated. Breakfast is the perfect opportunity to pack in some nutrition – my favourite option is eggs, salmon and rye bread with a glass of MPowder Peri-Boost, blended with oat milk and a brazil nut.”
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Jules Miller's Eggs, Avocado & Spinach On Toast
Jules Miller's Eggs, Avocado & Spinach On Toast
Isabel Zora's Z-ora Bowl
Isabel Zora's Z-ora Bowl

Liz Earle MBE, wellbeing entrepreneur

“I try to fast overnight for around 14 hours, so will make a smoothie late morning. To my blender, I add whole milk, kefir, some protein powder, a generous spoonful of powdered greens, a slice of avocado and some turmeric with a touch of black pepper. I sometimes add a dash of natural vanilla extract too.”
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Pippa Campbell, nutritionist

“A smoothie is a fantastic way to start the day and something I make every morning in the week. My smoothies always contain whey protein, which has the highest biological value protein of any food, provides all the amino acids and is great for supporting the adrenal glands. I also add Koko Coconut Milk; blueberries, which are brimming with antioxidants; almond butter for healthy fats and energy; and Totally Derma Collagen Powder for gut health, hair, skin and nails.” 

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Isabel Zapf, founder of Z-Ora Nutrition

“I have a late breakfast around 11am as I practice intermittent fasting. At that point, I have a bowl of Z-Ora which I soak the night before with plant milk – my favourite brand for alternative milks is Rude Health as they are free from additives and are sugar-free. Every Z-Ora blend is packed with at least 12g plant-based protein per serving, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats as well as 30-50% of your daily mineral needs. If I’m particularly hungry, I’ll also add some vegan protein powder or nut butter, and on cold days or when I need comfort food, I also add oat bran and make porridge out of the Balance or Clarity Bowl.”
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Sara Herandi, founder of Deja

“Quinoa porridge is a failsafe breakfast option. Using quinoa instead of oats is a higher-protein option, which will keep your blood sugar balanced and ensure you are fuller for longer. Plus, in Ayurveda, quinoa is a warming ‘yang’ food, making it perfect for this time of year. I add lots of warming Ayurvedic spices to my porridge – such as nutmeg and cinnamon – which create heat in the body and stimulate digestion. I top this with berries, nuts and bee pollen.”

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