3 Of The Best Bill-Splitting Apps

With bill-splitting now the rule, not the exception, an array of apps have come forward hoping to make things a little less awkward and tedious. Whether you’re dining out, divvying up household bills or heading off on a group holiday, there’s no reason to get lumbered with a bad deal or with chasing payments. Here are three of the best apps for figuring out who owes what.


The most established of all the bill-splitting apps, Splitwise doesn’t force you to settle debts straight away. Regular outgoings like household bills or food shops often even themselves out in the long run, which means immediately settling up after every transaction can be a waste of time. Splitwise gives you the option to settle up at the end of the week, the month, the holiday or whatever your preferred period might be. It can also show your group how to divide costs when it isn’t immediately clear. For extra peace of mind, Splitwise can also “provide mediation advice about fairness issues through our ‘fairness calculators’. These calculators turn our crowdsourced data into a neutral fairness opinion about your personal situation.”

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This one is available as a mobile or desktop app. According to its Head of Product, James Robinson, “Most of our users use Splitoo to share streaming services with people in their household. Others have used it to request monthly or weekly payments for other things like internet sharing or utility bills.” A frictionless way of setting up regular payments among friends, the app lets you generate a link for each specific outgoing – the house Netflix subscription, for example – then share it with all relevant contributors. “Apps like ours are important and becoming in high demand because the world is now moving towards a sharing culture” says James. Once your payments are set up, your balance will be added to every day, week or month depending on your plan. Whenever you feel like it, you can simply withdraw your Splitoo balance into your personal bank account. 

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For frequent fliers, we recommend taking Tricount away with you on your next adventure. As well as converting international outgoings into a single currency, it can divide costs unevenly. That means you can split bills with people who are due to pay more or less than others. Michael Renous, CEO of Tricount, explains: “Tricount helps in any situation where money is shared over a period of time. Everyone who participates in a ‘tricount’ can add the expense he or she made for the group. If you use different currencies, split expenses unevenly or need to keep track of a ticket in the app, it will automatically manage all this for you. At all times, all participants in a tricount can see who paid more or who is behind. We are helping millions of friends, colleagues and couples save their relationships because there are no more discussions about money. All expenses or incomes are managed in an easy, transparent and fair way.”

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