4 Ways To Clean Your Oven

4 Ways To Clean Your Oven

One of the hardest jobs in the kitchen, never have we had more time or inclination to deep clean the oven. Whether you want to get rid of food residue or banish odours – from eco to hardcore, here are some of the different methods to take…

The Hardcore Approach

Oven Pride is an award-winning product when it comes to deep cleaning your oven yourself. The single-use, all-in-one cleaner transforms racks and grills, as well as the inside of the oven – leaving it sparkling clean and free from bad odours. The way it works is simple. First, put on the gloves provided and put the racks, two at a time, in the cleaning bag. Then, add the solution, seal the bag and leave for two hours, or better still, overnight. Afterwards, carefully remove and rinse off any remaining solution. For the inside of the oven, wearing gloves, apply Oven Pride to all the internal areas. Leave overnight, remove the residue and wipe clean. Remember, this is powerful stuff – it contains sodium hydroxide and mustn’t be used on any part of the hob, oven trim, glass door, pilot light or seals. 

The Maintenance Approach

Once you’ve deep cleaned your oven, maintaining its appearance becomes a top priority. Astonish Specialist Oven & Grill Cleaner includes orange oil to power through grease and burnt-on food, tackling the whole oven, including the door. It even comes with a special sponge suitable for ovens and grills, to help you get the job done properly. What's more, the product doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, so there's no need to wear gloves. Alternatively, Cif is a great brand for no-nonsense cleaning and its oven cleaner doesn’t disappoint. Kilrock is another easy-to-use brush-on gel which removes grease and stubborn burns, and is safe to use on most materials. The key is to tackle spills and burnt food as soon as possible – that way you won’t have to resort to hours of cleaning.

The Eco Approach

We think these 100% plastic-free, oven cleaners from Iron & Velvet are pretty special. Made from plant-derived, sustainably-sourced active ingredients and essential oils, up to 70% of the ingredients are completely natural. Simply mix each sachet with water to tackle fats, oils and grease – plus, they’re made in the UK, so there’s a super-low carbon footprint. The Ecover Oven and Hob Cleaner is more conventional; simply spray onto surfaces and leave it to work for one minute. Wipe away with a sponge or cloth and rinse off with water. For a more simple approach, try bicarbonate of soda, which is often used as a mild abrasive to clean cooker tops and ovens. Sprinkle directly onto the surface and wipe over with a damp sponge or cloth. For extra cleaning power, mix with Dri-Pak Borax Substitute and cooking salt in equal quantities, and add a small amount of water to make a cleaning paste. Apply to the surface and wipe off. Delphis is another brand to know, with the Heavy Duty Cleaner brilliant for cutting through grime and dirt. 

The Outsource-It Approach 

If you really can’t face tackling the grime and grease yourself, there are specialist companies who will come in and transform your oven. Once lockdown is lifted, it might be worth investing in a total overhaul, especially if you’ve been cooking more than usual. With plenty of national and local services available, here are some of the best we’ve heard about:
 Maggie's Oven Services
Before and After Oven
The Complete Oven Cleaning Company 

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