5 Tips To Save Money On New Home Essentials

5 Tips To Save Money On New Home Essentials

Buying a house is expensive enough and even when you have saved enough to put down the minimum deposit and shelled out on the extra fees, you still need things to put in your new home. So how best to kit out your lovely new place with the necessary basics when you have no cash left to splash? Charlie Stopford Sackville, founder of price-drop tool PIWoP reveals his top tips for keeping the cost of new home essentials to a minimum.

1. Be Ready to Negotiate  

For many people, it doesn’t occur to them to simply ask for a discount when shopping. The truth is, if you’re picking up several big items from one brand equating to a large sum of money, it’s well worth asking about any kind of deals available, like a price reduction or free shipping. You’re likely to have more luck haggling on price at a family-owned shop or antique warehouse rather than a big chain – smaller shops mean you can negotiate with the owners, rather than salespeople, who doesn’t have that kind of power. If they won’t budge and you’re not happy with the price they’re offering, try writing down the product number – you might be able to find the same product cheaper with a different retailer. 

2. Use A Price-Drop Tool  

Shopping online has become the go-to solution for many of our shopping needs. It’s where the largest stocks are kept, and the ease of it allows us to browse and purchase within minutes. It’s also the place to find great deals with the help of tools. Price-drop alert tools, such as PIWoP (Price I Want to Pay), are designed with saving money in mind. Ideal for furniture items, you’re able to create wish lists that you’re planning to buy later down the line, set your budget and then sit back and relax whilst the app takes care of notifying you when your desired item has dropped to the price you set. 

3. Use Your Local Community  

Social media has become an incredible tool for many reasons – one of which is finding great deals. Your community is likely to have a group Facebook page or a ‘buy and sell’ page. From sofas to nightstands to coffee tables, this is a fantastic opportunity to find out whether anyone is selling low-cost furniture or even better, giving it away. Although this may not be the ideal scenario to start off with, if you’re a family on a budget it gives you more time to save for the furniture you want, allowing you to move into your new home quicker.  

4. Shop At Outlets  

Usually consisting of end of stock lines or furniture that isn’t shop floor quality, outlet stores are a consumer’s best friend – some offer huge reductions of over 60%. Furniture outlets are ideal for buying large numbers of items for different rooms and the best part is, many of the products will be designer, with normally the only thing wrong with them is they’re last season. Darlings of Chelsea, a respected and trusted furniture designer, creates handmade and bespoke products, but their outlet sells their sofas with over 50% off. Similarly, bed specialists Feather and Black sell everything from their mattresses to frames for up to 50% off. 

5. Plan Your Purchases Around The Seasons  

Outdoor tables and chairs, barbecues and umbrellas are going to be more expensive in the summer months because there’s a much higher demand at that time of year. Instead, think seasonally – start researching the items you want when they’re in their prime (again, taking a note of their product number) so you’re ready to buy them the moment they hit the sales. Better still, start making your wishlists now, set the price you’re willing to pay and wait for that notification! 

For more information on the price drop alert tool PIWoP, please visit PIWoP.com


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