5 Workout Playlists To Get You Motivated

5 Workout Playlists To Get You Motivated

Without a doubt one of the most Instagrammable workout destinations in the capital, Chelsea’s KXU is the place to be seen. And while the gym’s energy-boosting playlists are usually kept under wraps, we’ve been given a sneak peek…

Paola’s Body Barre: Paola Di Lanzo, Creator of PBB

“I tend to choose a mixed selection of new and old tunes for my signature class – from up-tempo tracks for faster moves to slower songs to concentrate on core, technique and form. Each song is well thought out for every segment of the class and designed to keep clients at the top of their game.”

HIIT&Run: Rory Knight, Trainer

“To me, every workout is a journey and music selection is an imperative part. Mixing the old with the new, I like to select moments where the beats are big, brash and dirty, but intermix this with slightly softer tracks that have just enough to keep people going.”

The GAMES: Laura Hoggins, Trainer

“In order to feel like the strongest and most powerful version of you, you need those hard pumping, dirty, euphoric beats to get you through. This is my ultimate playlist – I defy you not to feel motivated after listening to this on repeat.”

TRX: James Stirling, Trainer

“My playlist is all about steady, progressive beats with a powerful drop to push you through those extra reps and final sets – dirty bass for those hard-hitting moments of cardio and funky house to squeeze out reps against the beat. There’s nothing better than when you hit the lights to red and match it with some hard-hitting sounds.”

U-Cycle: Jemal Rose, Trainer

“Music is the driving force behind a good cycle class. I always try to make sure I 'bring the noise' through a creative, high-energy playlist, and aim to leave every single rider with a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. Heavy beats, big drops and dirty bass lines is what hits the spot.” 

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