8 Best Fans For Hot Weather

We’re in for a hot and sweaty next few days, and perhaps the only thing that can save us from a complete meltdown is a fan. But which one should you get? We’ve found the best fans and aircons to suit every cold-air need…


Honeywell HT900E Turbo Fan

According to Honeywell’s research, power and quiet rank as the most important aspects of a fan. Which is exactly what the Honeywell HT-900E Turbo Fan prides itself on – although its 25% quieter than its previous model, it’s also pretty darn powerful. Three speeds allow you to pick your airflow (depending on how hot and sticky you’re feeling) and has a 90-degree pivot so there is no nook nor cranny that cannot be aired. Pop it on the floor and feel the breeze.

Price: £22.99

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BEST FOR: Small spaces

John Lewis & Partners Tower Fan

Let’s face it: if you live in a space that’s a bit on the small side, the last thing you want is a fan with a big old base taking up the room. This tower fan is small and streamlined, meaning you can tuck it away in even the cosiest of flats and it won’t be imposing. But though it’s space-saving, it’s by no means a lesser fan – it has eight speed settings and three breeze modes (normal, natural and sleep), plus a digital thermostat and digital display, so you can easily control the temperature of the room. 

Price: £90

Buy here.

BEST FOR: Slick Design

Dyson Hot + Cool Fan Heater

Most fans, let’s be honest, are hideous. It’s not often a fan fits in with the mise en scene of a room – until now. If fashionable fans are your thing, the Dyson Hot + Cool Fan Heater is your guy. With ‘Jet Focus’ controls, you’ll get long-range airflow, or a ‘Diffused Mode’, which’ll give a wider projection, mixing the cold air in with the surrounding air. And although it’s a little bit pricey – ok, very pricey – it doubles up as a heater, so you’ll be able to crack it out in winter, too. It’s the only air con that’ll have people thinking it’s a piece of art. 

Price: £339

Buy here.


Dyson Cool AM06 Desk Fan

If you’re one that really feels the heat but no one in your office seems to, then get yourself this nifty little desk fan from Dyson. Quiet, powerful and fits snugly at the end of your desk, this’ll keep you cool in a stuffy workplace – but don’t be surprised if everyone suddenly wants to hot-desk near you. 

Price: £249

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BEST FOR: The Health Conscious 

Dyson Pure Cool Me

Ever felt like your air con is taking germs from one area and just transporting them to another? (That’s how people get ill at work, right?) Hopefully that’s not true, but if you do have this fear, then the Dyson Pure Cool Me purifier fan is the ticket. “Homes can be up to 5X more polluted than the air outside,” say Dyson. “Everyday items in our homes release potentially harmful microscopic particles. Our sealed filters help remove them from the air around you.” This means that captured gases and pollutants, such as pollen, mould spores and ultrafine particles stay trapped, with the Pure Cool Me covering you in nothing but clean, cool air that’ll keep you feeling healthy and well. 

Price: £299

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BEST FOR: Settings

Igenix DF0038 Ultra Quiet Digital Tower Fan

A fan is no good if it simply has one setting: on. Maybe we just want the air to caress us; maybe we want it to blast us in the face. Maybe we want it to oscillate from one person to the other; maybe we want it all to ourselves. Whatever your preference, the Igenix Tower Fan can give it to you. It has eight speed settings and three breeze modes (normal, natural and sleep), an eight-hour timer and oscillation setting. Plus, there’s a digital thermostat and digital display, so you can easily control the temperature of the room. 

Price: £91.99

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MeacoFan 1056 Air Circulator

The Meaco Air Circulator is ideal for your bedroom as the noise level starts from just 20dB. What does 20dB sound like, we hear you cry. To put it in terms we all understand, it’s very very quiet – “Like a babbling brook, [or] a whisper,” as they put it. You can choose whether you want a light or no light from the digital screen, and has a remote control if you can’t be bothered to get out of bed to turn it on. But most importantly, it’s Quiet Mark approved, so you’ll get a few winks no matter how hard your fan is working.

Price: £99.99

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BEST FOR: Purifying

Smartech Evapolar personal air cooler

No, this gorgeous box isn’t a cool night light – the Smartech personal air cooler is so much more than that. It can purify (filtering out dust particles), humidifies and can be taken anywhere, thanks to its USB power supply. Plus, because of its compact cartridge size, it’s actually energy saving, causing minimal harm to the environment. All you need to do is add water, plug it in, and enjoy cold, clean air.

Price: £225

Buy here.

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