9 Inspiring Women Share Their Advice For International Women's Day

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we asked some of our favourite women from across the worlds of fashion, beauty and culture to share their one piece of practical advice for the next generation of women. Read on for inspiration by the bucketloads…
It’s important not to be afraid of failure, to make sure you take risks, push boundaries and experiment. Be inspired by yourself and let your voice be heard. You only live once!
Samantha Cameron, Founder of Cefinn
It’s not about being a man or a woman, it’s about being the best you can be.
Trinny Woodall, Founder of Trinny London
Whether you’re starting a new business venture or making sense of life as a new mum, make sure you remember you’re not alone! Be that by building a team of colleagues, finding a mentor or connecting with like-minded women, surround yourself with a support network and value the importance of community.
Michelle Kennedy, Founder of app Peanut
Zadie Smith offered this advice to fellow writers, but it rings true with any creative job: "Avoid cliques, gangs, groups. The presence of a crowd won’t make your writing any better than it is.”
Yomi Adegoke, co-author of Slay In Your Lane
The biggest piece of advice I would give to women, particularly those that are still trying to find their identity, is be true to yourself. Be honest to yourself and about yourself – and be kind. With these qualities you can hopefully remain generous and open always, regardless of obstacles and pressures around you.
Mary Greenwell, make-up artist
Use challenging times as inspiring moments. When you struggle, you have to find new ways of doing things, so don’t try to replicate what already exists. Just work on your dissatisfactions and try to find answers to them.
Fanny Moizant, Co-Founder of Vestiaire Collective
I think women actually can have it all. It might not be perfect, it might be a juggle, it might be chaotic, it might be stressful, and sometimes it might all break. But career satisfaction and the rewards of motherhood are achievable – as long as you’re prepared to work hard.
Georgie Coleridge Cole, Founder and Editor of SheerLuxe
Invest in the currency of creativity as it will never lose its value, and never be defined of other people’s opinions of you or your dreams. Instead take hold of life’s adventures and make them your own.
Jo Malone, founder of Jo Loves
I think my one piece of advice for women in 2019 has to be 'You Do You'. I feel as though the comparison monster has stolen a lot of joy from so many of my female peers and the thing is we're all on our own path. Someone else's success is not at the detriment to your own. This mindset enable us to elevate each other and clap when one of us wins - it's like one of my fave sayings - a flower doesn't pay any mind to the flowers around it, it just blooms.
Lauren Mahon, Founder of Girl Vs. Cancer

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