9 Self-Pleasure Products This Expert Can’t Be Without

9 Self-Pleasure Products This Expert Can’t Be Without

Chloe Macintosh is on a mission to change the narrative around sexual pleasure – whether solo or with a partner. Best known as the founder of Made.com and the chief creative officer at Soho House & Co, Chloe spent 12 years researching sexual wellness before launching the Kama app earlier this year. A bona-fide expert in mindful sex practices to help you better connect to your body, we asked her to share the bedroom toys and accessories she can’t be without…

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Howl Water-Based CBD Lubricant, £16

At Kama, we talk a lot about reframing the responsibilities of lubrication – specifically on shifting away from the idea that vulvas should always be naturally wet. Normalising who buys the lube or oil will help everyone in a sexual experience relax, and this lube is my go-to. Non-flavoured, non-scented and easy-to-apply, it also contains CBD and can be used in penetrative sex, masturbation and sex toy play.
Available at SelfAndMore.co.uk


Self:Cervix The Release Wand, $139

Although I’m a big proponent of using hands and fingers to explore your own body, the right wand toy can help you reach deeper areas. Remember, self-pleasure should be all about trying new things and there are more types of orgasm to explore than you think. This tool is designed for precision and exploration – its shape means you can hold it with both hands. Use it to explore deeper parts of the vagina, where there often lies a lot of tension. 
Available at SelfCervix.com


Absolute Aromas Romance Aromatherapy Blend, £5.99

This is one of my favourite bedroom products – I use it almost every day. Blended with rose, jasmine, petitgrain, cedarwood and white champaca, it smells divine and is a natural aphrodisiac. Blend a few drops with your favourite body oil to create a massage oil or add a few drops to your bath to get in the mood.
Available at HealthPharm.co.uk


Skyn Original Condoms £10.50

Unlike their counterparts, Skyn’s condoms don’t smell of latex and feel great. Made with a soft and thin material for ultimate sensitivity, they don’t contain natural rubber latex, making them a great choice for people with a known or suspected latex allergy. They really are a cut above the rest.
Available at Boots.com


Kama App, Download on the App Store

Sexuality and pleasure are often still taboo subjects, but at Kama, we want to open up the conversation. We believe that Kama is the missing link to a fulfilling sexual education. The app is a mobile tool for mindful sex and pleasure – access exclusive tips and tutorials around self-pleasure, penetration, pelvic training, foreplay, building sexual connection and more.
Download on the App Store


Lora DiCarlo Sway Vibrator, £145

I don’t often use motorised toys, but this is one exception. Ergonomically sculpted, this toy emits a gentle heat to encourage muscle relaxation and increased circulation for more pleasure. It also has dual ends, raised stimulation points and seven intensity settings, so it’s super versatile.
Available at LoradiCarlo.com


Saida Désilets Jade Egg, $67

Jade eggs have come under a lot of criticism in the last few years, but they can be a good way to both strengthen pelvic muscles for better sex and to help you increase sexual health and energy. You may be sceptical, but it makes complete sense to me that the inner walls of the vagina can be trained to become more engorged and lubricated. While it’s not for everyone, at the very least it’s a great way to train your pelvic floor, and that’s something we should all be thinking about, even in your twenties.
Available at SaidaDesilet.com


NJOY Pure Wand, $120

If you’re intrigued by your g-spot, this toy is worth a try. The curved design allows you to reach deep behind the pubic bone to massage the area and wake up your arousal, and it’ll give you the opportunity to explore a g-spot orgasm, too. Many women say a g-spot orgasm is less localised than a clitoral orgasm and instead is felt over a larger area, sometimes even the whole body.  
Available at NJOYtoys.com



Coco De Mer Massage Candle, £40

Coco De Mer is renowned for its chic, stylish bedroom accessories and this indulgent massage candle is no exception. Massage candles are formulated to melt at lower temperatures – as the wax melts, it becomes an oil, which can be poured onto the skin. Warm oil, paired with massage, creates a heightened sensory experience. Use with a partner or on your own. 
Available at Coco-De-Mer.com


For more information visit Kama.co and follow @Kama.Lab on Instagram. 


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