9 Speedy Puddings To Make This Week

9 Speedy Puddings To Make This Week

Looking for some easy yet impressive puddings to make for your guests this summer? Here, seven leading chefs share a selection of simple and delicious recipes you can make at home in next to no time, using shop-bought ingredients such as ready-made meringue, frozen berries, Lotus biscuits and even stale croissants.

Francesca Strange, The Proof

“Eton mess can be created using four simple ingredients – just crush some shop-bought meringues, whip up some double cream and throw in some chopped berries. We love to include strawberries and raspberries in ours.  And if you have a bit of extra time, throw a few berries into a blender with some icing sugar, blend and then sieve and you have a delicious berry drizzle you can pour over your Eton mess. Easy, delicious, and ready in minutes.
“I also love making white chocolate berries. Grab a bag of frozen berry smoothie mix from the supermarket, pour over some melted good-quality white chocolate – like Green & Blacks – and then add some crushed-up ginger biscuits for a rapid dessert that tastes unbelievable.
“Peach melba is a pudding hack from my nana, who always had tins of peaches in syrup in her cupboard. Just take some tinned peaches, add a big scoop of vanilla ice cream, and pour over some shop-bought raspberry sauce. If you are feeling particularly boujee, you can add some whipped cream. It’s so retro, so simple and utterly divine.”
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Alyssa Owens, Food & Drink Prop Stylist & Recipe Developer 

“I love to make a strawberry doughnut cake using shop-bought doughnuts. There’s no baking or whipping needed: all you need is your favourite pack of jam-filled doughnuts, a can of whipped cream and a punnet of fresh strawberries. Rinse the strawberries with cool water and pat dry with a cloth or kitchen roll. Remove the tops of each strawberry and slice the fruit into quarters and rounds – then set aside. Cut each doughnut in half to create a top and bottom, with the bottom half slightly thicker. Spray each bottom segment with whipping cream until the surface is covered. Top the whipping cream generously with sliced strawberry segments. Assemble by placing the doughnut top onto the whipped cream and strawberries to create the second ‘cake’ layer. Enjoy here if you plan to serve the dessert to be eaten by hand. If you are plating with cutlery, top with additional cream and strawberries.”
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Cathy Gayner, Recipes From Le Rouzet

“Buy a packet of carmelle, a small (and very cheap) pudding you’ll find in any English supermarket, generally in the section selling rice pudding, tart cases and coulis. Pay no attention to the instructions on the packet and make them up substituting the milk with double cream. You can pour this mixture into ramekins, glaze the top and pretend it is crème brûlée – just sprinkle caster sugar all over the top and either put it under the grill or brown it with a blowtorch. Or you can turn it into a panna cotta and serve it with a shop-bought fruit coulis or with the delicious caramel syrup it comes with. Another idea is to fill a ready-made sweet pastry case with the carmelle mixture, made with a spoonful or two less of cream than usual. While the mixture is still warm, stir in the same amount of elderflower cordial. When it has set, cover the tart with sliced strawberries.”
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Roberta Hall, The Little Chartroom

“I love making speedy chocolate whisky mousse. Chop 70g of dark chocolate and set aside, then melt 170g of chocolate in a glass bowl over gently simmering water on the hob. In a large bowl, whisk egg whites to stiff peaks, spoon in 50g of sugar and whisk until you’ve a shiny meringue-like consistency. Using a whisk or electric whisk, 100g of whipping cream. Add a third of the meringue to the chocolate mix and then gently fold in the remaining meringue, retaining airiness. Fold in the whipped cream, then add grated chocolate, and fold in 2 tbsp of whisky. To finish, set the mousse in a glass and serve with some fresh raspberries on top.”
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Apollonia Poilâne, Poilâne

“This is a great recipe to use up stale croissants. Preheat oven to 180°C. In a medium bowl, whisk together 2 large eggs, 75g of brown sugar and a pinch of salt. Pour in 475ml of whole milk and whisk until frothy. Tear up six two-day-old croissants, place in a large bowl and pour the egg mixture over them. Toss together and let the croissants absorb the liquid. Butter a 23-by-13-cm loaf pan. Transfer the croissant mixture, including any liquid, to the pan. Bake until the custard is set, and the top is browned. Cut the pudding into slices and serve warm or cold with whipped cream, if you like, and sliced strawberries or raspberries.”
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Mark Tuttiett, Carousel London

“Here’s my recipe for marshmallow and raspberry s’mores. Start by spooning a tbsp of lemon curd onto a plate. Next, spoon 1 ½ tbsp of graham crackers or Lotus biscuits on top of the lemon curd, building a solid base for your s’mores tower. Place four fresh raspberries on top, followed by a tbsp of creme fraîche and sprinkle with a pinch of Maldon salt. Spoon about 2-3 tbsp of meringue or shop-bought Marshmallow Fluff over your dessert – it all depends on how sweet you’d like your dish to be. The more you add, the sweeter it'll be. For an extra touch, you can torch the top of the meringue with a kitchen blow torch, if you have one.”
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Chris Hill, Colette

“These banoffee cups are very simple to make. Preheat the grill. Whip 300g of whipping cream and 75g of icing sugar until soft peaks are formed. Slice a banana, sprinkle each slice with sugar and caramelise under the grill until golden brown. In a pan, bring 300g of sugar and 30g of glucose to a light golden caramel. In a separate pan, bring 300g of cream to the boil. Stir 40g of butter into the caramel, then pour over the boiled cream in small amounts, roughly four portions, before adding 6g of Maldon salt. Allow to cool in the fridge. To assemble, pour the salted caramel into the bottom of your pot, then sprinkle over 4 crushed digestive biscuits. Lay over the caramelised banana, and a generous spoon of the cream. Finish with some grated chocolate over the top.”
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