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Here at SL we reckon our readers have lots of great knowledge, advice, tips and words of wisdom their fellow readers could benefit from. A place where you can go to ask your burning questions and get first hand answers, SheerLuxe's new Facebook groups are bringing our readers together to create a resourceful #SLCommunity.

Parenting Talk...

Keen to know how others got their babies through the night? Where they recommend for summer holidays with kids? How they limit screen time? This is a safe space for opinions, advice and hacks, so if you know about it - share it.

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Beauty Talk...

A place for beauty and wellbeing fans to share and ask for product advice, beauty tips and discover the latest products. It's also an opportunity for you to speak directly to the SheerLuxe team and ask us any burning questions! So where you're a self-confessed beauty addict or want to know the basics, be a part of the conversation.

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Travel Talk...

At SheerLuxe we're dedicated to bringing your cultural content that keeps you in the know from the best new BYO to where to eat, drink and stay in New York. Free time is too precious to get wrong. This group will be your little black book, so share anything from new theatre shows you loved to the latest restaurant openings worth the money.

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