The Bereavement Specialists To Know

The Bereavement Specialists To Know

Statistics show that for every person that dies, six people will suffer intense grief as a result. Given the events of the last year it’s no wonder more of us than ever before are seeking support for bereavement. With the usual grieving process further hampered by small, limited-number funerals, if you’re looking for someone to talk to, these are the experts to call on…

Annie Broadbent

THE DETAILS: When Annie’s mum died, she says one of the hardest parts of her experience was seeing her friends and extended family paralysed by their fear of saying or doing the wrong thing. Frustrated and saddened by her experience, Annie is now on a mission to remove the taboo surrounding grief. A psychosynthesis therapist, Annie believes pain can be a motivating force for change, not just something to be rid of. If you’re seeking a more creative approach to therapy as opposed to traditional counselling, she’s one worth looking up. 

COST: £70 per 50-minute session. Annie also offers a limited amount of concessionary spaces.


Daniel Burbidge

THE DETAILS: Daniel, a psychodynamic psychotherapist who's enormously skilled in working with bereaved adults, is based at The Soke – the latest arrival on the capital’s mental health scene. Aiming to destigmatise the world of therapy, The Soke’s roster features some of the world’s best therapists and Daniel is one of London’s most highly sought-after experts in the bereavement space. His patience and empathy, combined with his accomplished clinical approach, makes him a name to know.

COST: £275 per session, which consists of 50 minutes of therapy and 40 minutes in one of The Soke’s relaxation pods post-session.


Emma Tomes

THE DETAILS: One of the UK’s top grief specialists, Emma has first-hand experience of bereavement. In 2010, she lost her eldest son’s father to poor mental health and has since recovered from depression and anxiety herself. Now, Emma helps people move beyond the pain of loss with the help of The Grief Recovery Method, the only evidence-based programme that makes easing the emotional pain associated with grief possible. A programme of seven one-hour sessions that take place online, the plan has been proven to significantly aid mental wellbeing.

COST: An initial consultation call with Emma is complimentary; prices thereafter on request. 


Nancy Bell

THE DETAILS: Offering a safe and non-judgemental space where you will find support and learn coping strategies, Nancy can help you come to terms with your new sense of self after losing a loved one. Taking an integrative approach, Nancy works with patients on an individual basis, taking your feelings, perceptions and physical experiences into consideration. Not limited by one theoretical viewpoint, no two sessions with Nancy are the same.

COST: £75 per 50-minute session. Nancy also offers some concessionary places – get in touch with her if this means you’ll be able to get the support you need. 


Nicky Duffell

THE DETAILS: By combining her own life experiences – Nicky lost her mother and mother-in-law and went through a divorce in a three-year period – with her expertise as a nutritional therapist and transformational coach, Nicky understands that health isn’t just about staying active and eating well. Providing coaching support for life’s more challenging moments, Nicky will guide you to a place of happiness, with a strong focus on the need for self-care when the going gets tough. 

COST: An initial 30-minute consultation with Nicky is complimentary; get in touch with her for further pricing. 


Rachel Buchan

THE DETAILS: Dealing with the loss of someone to whom you were close – whether it’s a partner, family member or friend – is bound to be difficult, but psychotherapist Rachel Buchan provides the space and time to mourn your loss. Giving you the opportunity to understand and better deal with the feelings and experiences that have surfaced, Rachel will support you through the grieving process. Her therapy rooms in Marylebone are peaceful and private and easily accessible by public transport.  

COST: £80 per session. 


Catherine Everett 

THE DETAILS: Having lost her husband several years ago, loss and resilience coach Catherine understands the pain of bereavement and is on a mission to support others who have lost their partners and the challenges that come with building a new, unfamiliar future. Through coaching, Catherine combines her experience and knowledge to provide you with the skills to better deal with life’s rollercoaster. As well as one-to-one coaching, Catherine also offers her signature group programme, The Art of Flying Solo, an eight-week course specifically for parents who have lost their partner, which runs four times a year. 

COST: A six-week, one-to-one coaching package costs £455; The Art of Flying Solo programme costs £599.


For more information about bereavement and grief, and for further help in finding a grief therapist best suited to your needs, visit Cruse Bereavement Care and The Grief Recovery Method can also help.


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