The Body Experts To Book Now

The Body Experts To Book Now

If you’re feeling some physical strain after a year spent crouching over a desk or kitchen table working from home, you’re not alone. Whether you’re struggling with back or hip pain, need a simple reset or posture overhaul, there are plenty of experts out there who might be able to help. Here are the ones we rate…


Amberin’s impressive CV – a member of the medical team for British Gymnastics for over a decade, she was also handpicked to be the resident osteopath at the London 2012 Olympic Games – speaks for itself. Amberin specialises in spinal and sports injuries although her two decades of experience make her the go-to expert for any muscular or skeletal issues. Taking a 360° approach to wellbeing, she is also trained in medical acupuncture, homeopathy and functional medicine. If you’re in need of a full body reset, Amberin is the name to know. 

COST: £275 for a new patient appointment and £210 for a 45-minute follow-up. 



There’s only one name to know in London for lymphatic drainage – Brazilian physiotherapist Flavia Morellato. With nearly ten years’ experience, Flavia is the A-list’s go-to in the run-up to big events. A gentle massage that will kickstart a sluggish lymph system, her method flushes out excess water and toxins for improved immunity, digestion and circulation. Book in for a Contouring Massage prior to a special event, which will instantly debloat and leave you feeling trimmer, or consider a treatment if you’re feeling puffy after a long-haul flight or having undergone surgery.

COST: A 55-minute treatment with Flavia costs £200 and home visits are £230 or £150 with one of her specialists.

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One of London’s leading non-surgical back pain specialists – he’s one of a handful of musculoskeletal pain clinicians in the capital – Ben uses a unique approach to restore mobility. His client list is proof of his body-restoring prowess – think international rugby players, premiership football players and Team GB athletes. Ben is based at KX Gym, where he works closely with personal trainers to develop rehabilitative programmes for clients suffering with everything from scoliosis to posture-related pain. Book in for a total body overhaul – you’re in seriously good hands. 

COST: £130 for your first treatment, and £105 thereafter. KX members get preferential treatment rates.



If you can’t put your finger on it but feel your body needs some TLC, Anna is the expert to know. A polished onion is the term Anna uses to describe an out-of-balance body – where the many layers of muscle and fascia that protect the body are misaligned. Her unique approach – known as structural integration – involves intense rolling over the skin and muscle stretching to ease long-standing injuries and fine-tune the body. After just one session, you’ll see real, visible improvements to everything from your posture to waistline and energy levels, but Anna recommends a course of ten treatments for serious results. 

COST: Anna practices at various venues across London, including the Light Centre in Belgravia, Monument and Marylebone. Prices vary by location. 



An experienced osteopath with a passion for supporting women’s health, Avni’s healing fuses eastern and western traditions to bridge the relationship between body and mind. With over 15 years’ experience as an osteopath and 20 years’ experience in practicing reiki and shiatsu, she has become the capital’s go-to expert for treating symptoms of pelvic pain, prolapse, thyroid dysfunction and PCOS. Avni also gives lectures on the topic of pregnancy and birth, alongside her role as a doula. Find her on Wimpole Street. 

COST: Sessions are £125 for the first appointment and £110 thereafter.



Chiropractics is now the third largest healing profession in the Western world behind medicine and dentistry. Prior to becoming a chiropractor, Emily trained as a personal trainer, cementing her passion for supporting optimal body health. She runs the Spinal Answer clinic in Fulham and in 2016 opened her second practice in Hampshire, from where she treats everyone from desk-bound office workers to professional athletes. An expert in helping bodies work at their peak, she is also renowned for treating expectant mothers, newborns and toddlers, and when not in practice teaches pregnancy and paediatric seminars to fellow chiropractors across Europe. 

COST: An initial consultation in Fulham costs £90; follow-up sessions are £52.


BEST FOR MASSAGE: Sarah Jane Watson

Forget your average deep tissue massage – once you’ve had a treatment with Sarah Jane Watson, no massage will ever come close. Her signature treatment is a unique blend of Swedish, Hawaiian, Balinese, acupressure and Indian head massage techniques to restore equilibrium in the body, and as a trained aromatherapist, she’ll ensure the oils used in your treatment complement the therapy. An entirely bespoke experience, Sarah uses her hands and energy to guide and read your tissues and tendons, creating a unique treatment that balances even the most frazzled of nervous systems.

COST: The SJW Signature Treatment, which lasts 90 minutes, costs £350.


DISCLAIMER: Features published by SheerLuxe are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. Always seek the advice of your GP or another qualified healthcare provider for any questions you have regarding a medical condition, and before undertaking any diet, exercise or other health-related programme.

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