9 Podcasts That Will Boost Your Career

Finding your passion and following it through is no easy feat, especially when you’re in an industry saturated with people trying to do the same thing. But most of the time, all you need is a daily dose of inspiration to keep you going on your path to greatness. From bitesize pearls of wisdom to in-depth advice, these podcasts are the perfect way to get yourself motivated to reach your career goals.

Ctrl Alt Delete

As millennials, we’re one of the first generations to grow up with the internet. Emma Gannon, former social media journalist for the likes of Glamour and The Debrief, has based her whole career around this idea of growing up online and what effect it has on us. And while it’s not strictly a careers podcast, Gannon plays host to a whole bunch of creative and successful women, including Lena Dunham, Cheryl Strayed and Gemma Arterton, where they discuss in depth all the things that are important to millennial women, spanning anything from careers to feminism to our love-hate relationship with the internet.

Listen to Ctrl Alt Delete here.


One for aspiring journalists: ever read a story and wondered how the writer made it happen? Podcast hosts Aaron Lammer, Max Linsky and Evan Ratliff aim to discover just that. From how they got into the business to the creative process behind some of their most well-known stories, each takes it in turn to speak to successful a successful journalist, from S-Town’s Brian Reed and The New York Times’ Taffy Brodesser Akner to Barack Obama’s speechwriter Jon Favreau and even Hillary Clinton. If you’re serious about making it in the industry, you need to listen to Longform.

Listen to Longform here.

Hiding in the Bathroom

“Work is complicated, but success doesn’t have to be,” reads the intro to Hiding in the Bathroom, the podcast created by Forbes that helps you create your own version of success. Entrepreneurs, ceiling breakers and everyone in between speak to host Morra Aarons-Mele to share their work survival skills and career epiphanies to spur listeners on to become successful leaders – even when all they want to do is cower in the loos.

Listen to Hiding in the Bathroom here.

How I Built This

Journalist Guy Raz presents this podcast that speaks to “innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists” about the businesses they built and the movements they started. The show features the likes of Urban Decay founder Sandy Lerner, Drybar creator Alli Webb and Lady Gaga’s manager Troy Carter. This is the place to go for in-depth advice.

Listen to How I Built This here.

Success Stories

We couldn’t write this piece without giving ourselves a little shout-out, could we?! Interviewing some of the most prominent and inspirational women in business today, SheerLuxe’s Success Stories podcast walks you through how our favourite girl bosses made it from humble beginnings to the very top – showing that it doesn’t matter about your age or your background, we all have it in us to be successful. Thea Green, Jo Malone and Amber Venz-Box are just some of the women who have walked through our doors to tell us about how they made it big – get ready to feel inspired.

Listen to Success Stories here.

Harvard Business Review Ideacast

Nobody does business quite like those at the Harvard Business Review, so you know you’re in good hands when their podcast, featuring a high-calibre class of Ivy League businessmen and women who are experts in everything from management to leadership. With an extensive back catalogue, you’re sure to find the right advice for your area of expertise.

Listen to Harvard Business Review Ideacast here.

Side Hustle School

Chris Guillebeau is the author of the New York Times bestseller The $100 Startup, so you can trust that he knows a thing or two about starting your own business – and now he’s bringing that wealth of wisdom to you in his podcast, Side Hustle School. Boasting a whopping seven episodes a week (and 691 episodes to date), each episode covers a side hustle from the perspective of someone different, from the woman who hosts pets at her home for $200 a day to the tour guide who sells astronomy books to tourists. Perfect for those not quite ready to leave their full-time job just yet…

Listen to Side Hustle School here.

School of Greatness

Former football player Lewis Howes became an NYT bestselling author in 2015 with his book The School of Greatness, and his popular podcast soon followed. It’s an exploration of both business leadership and personal development, looking at “what makes the greatest people great” and applying those lessons learnt to your own life. And it’s not just the top dogs in business – Lewis also speaks to world-class athletes and renowned celebrities, too.

Listen to School of Greatness here.


LA entrepreneur Sophia Amuroso’s rags to riches story is the stuff of legends – so much so that they even made a Netflix series about her life. Suffice to say she scores major cool girl points with the fashion crowd, which is why she can get women like Jameela Jamil, Miranda Kerr and Gwyneth Paltrow to join her for a chat. As someone who self-started their career, this podcast is perfect for women who want to build their own empires but aren’t sure where to start.

Listen to Girlboss here.

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