Cassis-Butter Ice Cream

Cassis-Butter Ice Cream

It's officially ice cream season – and we're always on the hunt for interesting flavours or combinations. This creamy-but-fruity recipe is just the ticket. Serve it in traditional waffle cones for the full holiday experience.
Photography: STAUB
Total Time
4 Hours
400g of cassis fruit coulis (blackcurrant fruit purée)
60g sugar
1 vanilla pod
50ml cassis (blackcurrant liqueur)
220g cold butter
5 egg yolks
Ice cream cones (optional)
Step 1

Prepare the ice cream by mixing the cassis liqueur and the cassis fruit coulis with the pulp of the vanilla pod and heating to around 80°C (use a thermometer).

Step 2

Cut the butter into cubes and mix in with a hand blender.

Step 3

Beat the egg yolks in a bain-marie until fluffy and fold into the cassis and butter mixture.

Step 4

Allow the creamy mixture to cool slightly, but don't allow it to become cold.

Step 5

Beat the mixture again and freeze in an ice cream machine** for around 45 minutes until firm.

Step 6

Remove the ice cream, add to a cocotte and freeze in the freezer for at least 3 hours before serving.

Step 7

For the full holiday experience, serve up a scoop or two of this deliciously creamy ice cream in a crispy waffle cone.

Recipe Courtesy of Staub

** For those who don’t have access to an ice cream machine at home, ZWILLING’s Enfinigy Power Blender (Price Guide £299) makes light work of preparing homemade ice cream with its Ice Cream programme. 

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