The Cult Tampon Innovation You Should Know About

Did you know tampons still use the same design as when they were first invented in 1933? Shaking things up in the period care world, Callaly’s tampliner – an innovative two-in-one tampon and panty liner – is the 21st century alternative worth knowing about.


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From menstrual cups to period pants, a plethora of innovations have emerged in recent years, but one design has barely changed since its inception more than eight decades ago: the tampon. While eco-friendly and organic tampons are now easier to find, according to British period brand Callaly, seven out of ten women who use tampons also add a liner just in case. A clever hybrid between a tampon and a liner, Callaly’s tampliner is one to try if you have a heavier flow or are looking for extra protection against leaks. Plus, the tampliner was invented by a gynaecologist, so rest assured it ticks all the boxes when it comes to safety and comfort – even the built-in applicator is made with breathable, medical-quality material that works with your body.

How does it work?

The two-in-one product consists of three parts: an organic cotton tampon that’s inserted through a hole in the mini-liner; an organic cotton mini-liner that’s worn folded between your labia; and an applicator, made from an ultra-thin film that connects the tampon and the mini-liner. The tampon does the job of your regular tampon, while the mini-liner prevents leaks. The applicator isn't your average cardboard applicator, either, it's body-friendly and simple to use.

Is it easy to use?

The tampliner may sound complicated, but once you’ve got the application nailed, you won’t look back. Our top tips? Start by parting your labia and, with one hand in a peace sign, press the mini-liner against your body. With your other hand, use your index finger to push the tampon into your vagina as far as you can. Then adjust the mini-liner into a comfy position so only the string is hanging outside your body.  

“No more worrying about leaking or embarrassing pads rustling – this product has changed my life.”
Lauren B, Norfolk
“No more worrying about leaking or embarrassing pads rustling – this product has changed my life.”
Lauren B, Norfolk

Aside from preventing leakage, are there any other benefits?

Yes – the tampliner guarantees a hygienic and mess-free application, every time, thanks to a clever applicator which keeps your fingers clean during insertion. The tampon also wraps itself on the way out, ready for the bin.

Who’s it for?

Callaly’s tampliner is ideal for heavier flow days when a tampon alone isn’t enough. Because the tampliner sits against the skin it creates a natural silhouette (without the bulk of a separate liner) for form fitting clothes like leggings and workout gear.

Anything else?

Did you know the UK’s femcare industry is unregulated? This means there’s nothing stopping companies from using chemicals and cheap synthetic materials in their products. Callaly, however, puts your health first, using 100% organic cotton in all its products – not just the tampliner – and the entire collection is free from pesticides, dioxins, dyes and other nasties. If the tampliner isn’t for you, Callaly’s range also includes regular tampons, pads and liners. At Callaly you have full flexibility on the products you buy – simply choose a mix of products and absorbencies to fit your flow, and they'll be delivered through your letterbox at regular intervals to suit you.

Want in?

Callaly’s tampliner is available in regular, super and super+ absorbencies, with prices starting from £8. You should use the same tampliner absorbency that you would for regular tampons; the mini-liner is the same size on all absorbencies. Plus, the brand is offering SheerLuxe readers an exclusive 50% OFF their first box. Build your box of products, including the tampliner, at

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