The Doggy Subscription Box For Health Conscious Pet Owners

The Doggy Subscription Box For Health Conscious Pet Owners

Let’s face it, our pet pooches are the real masters of our homes and, of course, we should treat them as such. But beyond giving them all the walkies their hearts desire and allowing them a prime spot on the bed (compromising your own night’s sleep), how can you really let your pup know that they’re the one true love of your life? Well, giving them a decent meal might be a good place to start.

And no, we don’t mean cracking open the champagne and requesting your dog to join you at the dining room table for some steak and lobster (although that does sound like a great night in), we’re talking about some good quality dog food. Butternut Box is filling in that gap with their new subscription box that lets busy pet owners create bespoke, all-natural dog food boxes, delivered straight to your door.

Sound good? Here’s everything you need to know about Butternut Box…

The Company Has Humble Beginnings

Founders Kev and Dave are real animal lovers. The company came together after Dave adopted a very sick dog from the Battersea Dogs Home. Alongside some of her worse ailments was Rudie’s persistent flatulence problem – hence her name. Dave began to cook Rudie her own food at home with healthy ingredients and her, err, little problem cleared right up. Dave mentioned the story to his workmate Kev, and soon they were working together on what is now the Butternut business. Now tell us this: how many sweet success stories do you know that start with a flatulence problem? None, we bet.

They Really Get To Know Your Dog

These aren’t just some standard tins of Pedigree Chum. A nutritional consultation means the team can take into account the age, weight, breed, body condition and activity level of your dog to create a meal that’s not too big and not too small, but just right. And if you’re starting your dog on a new diet? Just check out the personalised transition plan inside your first box to find out how to wean your pup into his new meal plan.

The Box Is Tailored To Your Dog’s Needs

If your pooch loves chicken but positively hates lamb, then you can alter the box to contain only the stuff they actually like. Of course, it’s perfect if your dog has any dietary requirements – for example, if you and your pup have a matching intolerance to gluten, don’t let him suffer in silence whilst you bask in the glory of a gluten-free diet. These meals are free from gluten, grain, and dairy, as well as other common allergens.

Their Dog Food Contains The Freshest Ingredients

Sometimes, when you look at a can of regular dog food, it’ll inauspiciously promise it ‘tastes like chicken’ – what does that mean? Does it contain chicken or does it not contain chicken? Butternut Box say that for a can to be labelled ‘tastes like’, it only has to contain 4% meat. Well, they’re not having any of that – all their home-cooked food contains 60% chicken, turkey, beef or lamb, and only uses ingredients fit for human consumption – in fact, all recipes are taste-tested by the team at the Butternut HQ first.

They Give Back

As if caring for your own dog wasn’t enough, Kev and Dave like to give back to other dogs with every new customer. Each time a new furry friend signs up with Butternut Box, they donate a much-needed hearty meal to a less fortunate pup that’s found itself homeless or in a shelter.

Plus, if you’re big on saving the world, then you and Butternut have a lot in common. They’re hot on recycling – plenty of their packaging can be used more than once, their boxes and ice packs are recyclable, their deliveries are all carbon neutral, and they bring your food in bulk to reduce the number of journeys their vans make.

Butternut Boxes start from £1.31 a day, visit to get 50% OFF your first 2 boxes.

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