Everything You Need To Know About Buti Yoga

Everything You Need To Know About Buti Yoga

Yoga might bring forth thoughts of calm breathing and soothing stretching, but Buti yoga – Vinyasa’s tribal sister – will make you question everything you thought you knew about the peaceful practice. This is how to crack your Saturday morning session up a notch or two…
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What is it?

Buti yoga incorporates a variety of different styles, blending power yoga with cardio-intensive tribal dance, plyometrics and body sculpting primal movements. Which, as you can probably imagine, means you sweat a lot – like we said, this isn’t just any yoga class.

Rather than the calm, crashing waves and plinky-plonky piano music you get with your usual yoga class, Buti is accompanied by pumping, thumping music. But just because it’s high intensity, doesn’t mean you have to be an expert to take part – classes are open to people of all fitness levels, all you need is the right attitude.

Where did it start?

Buti yoga is the brainchild of Bizzie Gold, who came up with the idea whilst teaching a class in Hawaii and settled in LA to bring it to the masses. Among her roster of clients includes a cult celebrity following, including Julia Roberts and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Bizzie says that Buti means “the cure to something hidden or kept secret,” and is a reference to highly medicinal herbs that were considered ‘Buti’ around the time yoga was founded. “After doing this for six years, I’ve realised how powerful the word is, and how the practice of Buti yoga really does help you find that cure to anything that’s holding you back from within,” she revealed.

What are the benefits?

The sheer energy that goes into just one Buti class is a testament to how good it is for you. But just in case you needed further convincing, an LA Times article claims a 75-minute workout can burn between 800 to 1000 calories. 

But, as with more traditional yoga, it’s has benefits to your mental wellbeing too. Plus, at the risk of sounding cheesy, it’s a great way to make friends. Unlike more traditional yoga styles, being quiet is not required, and you’re free to interact with your fellow classmates. As one of Bizzie’s regulars said: “I’m pretty much a really shy person, so when I come to Buti and everyone’s so welcoming I completely feel like it opens me up and I’m able to be my outgoing, excited self.”

Where can I try it?

The popularity of Buti has spread from the US to Asia, South America and Europe – which means that you can give it a go here in the UK. Gymbox offers 45-minute Buti yoga classes across a number of its London locations, but you have to be a Gymbox member in order to take part. If you’re not up for shelling out on a monthly fee quite yet, you can try some of Bizzie Gold’s online workout videos online completely free here instead.

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