The 8 Best Fitness Apps To Tap Into Now

Are you too busy to work out? If you can’t find the time for a gym session or exercise class in your busy schedule then fitness apps are a convenient and flexible way to get fit. From the seven minute sessions specially designed for women to the hardcore workouts designed to challenge, one of these eight apps will help your achieve your fitness goals fast.


With a variety of workouts lasting from 15 to five minutes, Sworkit is the app that improves your fitness levels in as little as six weeks. Whether you choose yoga, or ab and stretch workouts, you can expect a whole range of fitness plans (up to 50) which have been created by personal trainers, with full video demonstrations. Our favourite? ‘Yoga for runners,’ which helps to soothe weary muscles and lengthen limbs. As you get fitter over time, you can amp up to 60-minute sessions if you really want to feel the burn.
Free for 30 days and then you pay £21.20 for a quarterly subscription. For more information head to Google Play Store or App store.


We all know the secret to toned glutes lies within a good old-fashioned squat, and this app is key to ensuring you stick to them daily. The workouts starts with 10 basic squats (for beginners) building up to 50-wide length or sumo squats – though maybe tackle these when you’re feeling brave. As your fitness improves, the app intensifies by increasing your reps with the inclusion of different squat variations. Don’t worry, you get one rest day a week to rest and recover.
Free on iTunes and Google Play.


Whatever fitness you’re into, Strava works to keep track of your speed, distance and endurance – even when doing a workout at home in your living room. It’s especially useful for those running for miles on end, or wanting to keep track of their performance before a big event like a marathon. You can use it as a tool to share stats with friends too, giving each other extra encouragement to push past the finish line.
Download for free from the App Store or from Google Play Store to reap the benefits.

4. COUCH TO 5K  

The message is simple: get off the couch and across the 5K finish line, and it’s specifically aimed at those new to running who want to start training or push their fitness boundaries. Using a mixture of running and walking, the idea is that if you follow the programme properly, even beginners should be at their 5K goal within just nine weeks. Our favourite part is it only requires getting your sweat on for 30 minutes a day, making it manageable within even the busiest of schedules. Choose between five trainers, including Olympian Michael Johnson and comedian Sarah Millican to help you along to the way.
Available for free from the Google Play Store or App Store.


With over 2,500 on-demand workouts, Aaptive is one of the fitness world’s best kept secrets. It brings together the power of a PT with curated playlists in the form of digital classes you can take anywhere. Think elliptical sessions, cycling, strength training, stretching and yoga too – there really is something for everybody to try. The upbeat, popular music that you’ll actually know and be able to bop along to, keeps you motivated to the end of your workouts every single time.
Get your first 30 days for free, visit for more information on signing up.

6. Yoga Wake Up 

A must for all yogis or those wanting to begin training, this clever app acts as an alarm, playing calming audio sequences as you wake up to ease you into 10 minutes of morning stretches. It’s recommended you do it as soon as you open your eyes, to stop you being distracted by emails, Instagram or any social media. Expect soothing tunes from Prince, Bon Iver and Bob Marley, along with deep breathing exercises and simple meditation routines.
Download the wake up series for free at the App Store, or sign up to a monthly subscription for access to more tools and yoga techniques.

7. Workout For Women  

Tight for time? This free app offers effective seven-minute (max) workouts with no need for equipment. From seal jumping jacks to donkey kicks and planks, there’s a real mix of strength building and cardio moves for toning and strengthening. It’s also incredibly easy to follow – thanks to straightforward audio instructions – which help all skill sets when it comes to full focus.
Get it free from the App Store now.

8. Sweat: Kayla Itsines Fitness

Kayla is known as the woman who can totally transform your body, and her hardcore fitness app is testament to that statement. When you first sign up, you’ll be asked a series of questions on your key fitness goals before being set up with the best workouts for you. Expect everything from intense bodyweight exercises to 28-minute cardio workouts, with gym equipment used in every single session. Pressed for time? You can also find challenges that include the 19-minute lower-body workout, which features squats, lunges, donkey kicks and much more.
Free from the App Store to download now.

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