Raspberry & Elderflower Swirl

If you're struggling to get hold of flour, or other crucial baking ingredients, this lighter take on traditional ice cream is all you need for a sunshine-filled sweet treat.
Serves 8
Total Time
10 Minutes
1kg of fat-free Greek yoghurt
80g of granulated sweetener
4 tsp of vanilla extract
200g of fat-free natural yoghurt
350g of frozen raspberries
200ml of sugar-free elderflower cordial
1 tsp of red food colouring
Step 1

Place the yoghurt into a large freezable container and freeze for 4 hours.

Step 2

Remove the frozen yoghurt from the freezer and place into a food processor or blender – you may need to scoop it out into large chunks in order to fit it in. Add the sweetener, vanilla and natural yoghurt and blend the yoghurt until smooth. Pour back into the freezable container.

Step 3

In a bowl, mix the frozen raspberries with the elderflower cordial and red food colouring. Divide the raspberry mixture in half and set one half aside. Blitz the other half in your food processor or blender to form a paste. Stir this through the yoghurt lightly, to leave a ripple effect.

Step 4

Place the reserved raspberry and elderflower mixture onto the top of the frozen yoghurt, pushing some of the raspberries into it, by gently swirling a spoon through the mixture. Return to the freezer for a further 4 hours, or until ready to serve. Remove from the freezer and leave to thaw for around 10 minutes before scooping out.

'Everyday Light' by Pinch of Nom (Bluebird, RRP £20). Photos: Matt English.

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