New Supermarket Products To Know About

New Supermarket Products To Know About

With the world of food innovating at break-neck pace, it’s easy to miss out on a range of new items that could really enhance your weekly shop. From ready-to-go layered veggie pots that pack in five-a-day to meal-transforming dressings and new stock blends bursting with benefits, we’ve done the hard work for you.

Made For Drink Snacks, £2.75

Recently launched in Waitrose and available in Sainsbury's this month, Made For Drink creates premium snacks that are perfect for pairing with your chosen tipple. Chorizo Thins with a glass of Rioja, Mangalitza Salami Chips with Pislner and Duck Fritons with IPA - ideal for those not doing dry January.

Available at Waitrose

M&S Veggie Layered Pots, £3.50

Say hello to a new range of vibrant and colourful veggie layered pots. Each one comes with greens, veggies and grains, while some come with added noodles, dressing or protein. They’re an easy way of increasing your five-a-day, and each pot requires minimal preparation, with the option to either heat up or enjoy cold. Try ‘The Bang Bang One’ to enjoy a mix of crunchy edamame slaw and rice noodles in a spicy coconut sauce. Alternatively, try the cold ‘Tangy & Tasty One’, a sharing pot of feta and beetroot houmous salad with a sweet balsamic dressing and a crunchy sesame granola. 

Available in store from 2nd January.

Tigg’s Dressings, £1 (was £1.50)

The Tigg’s Dressings journey began with Granny Tigg and her very own tasty recipes. Now her grandsons, Jacob and Sam, have developed the range based on what they grew up with. Low in calories, saturated fat and added sugars, the dressings are also cardioprotective, which means the main ingredients come from fruits and vegetables instead of cheaper filler ingredients such as sunflower oil or vinegar. The products are also free from gluten, dairy, nuts, wheat and made from 100% natural, fresh and unpasteurised ingredients. 

Available at Tesco

Pati & Coco Desserts, £3.50

Pati & Coco is a divine new multi-layered, multi-textured chocolate dessert. Start by cracking through the signature top layer of fine tempered dark chocolate to reach folds of luscious ganache and sheets of chocolate underneath. End with a satisfyingly crunchy biscuit layer at the base. 

Available in Sainsbury’s

Squirrel Sisters Snack Bars, £1.50

The new Peanut Caramel flavour from Squirrel Sisters will satisfy any sweet tooth without compromising those new-found resolutions. It's 100% natural, plant-based, vegan, gluten-free, under 85 calories and contains zero added sugar. A delicious option for Veganuary. 

Available at Waitrose

Daylesford Herbs, From £2.99

Finally, a range of herbs that actually look beautiful on display in the kitchen, and not like they're from the 1970s. You can always rely on Daylesford to deliver when it comes to quality and style, and this latest addition to its food range doesn't fail on either on front.

Available at Ocado

Biona Jackfruit with Chilli and Lime, £3.99

Jackfruit is now firmly on the foodie map and products such as this one from Biona are making it a store cupboard staple. Flavoured with fresh chilli and lime, it makes a hot and zingy addition to wraps and salads.

Available at Ocado

Oxo Stock Pot Garden Vegetables, £1.45

New in from Oxo is this rich, flavoursome blend of vegetables, herbs and seasonings. Made with parsley and bay, these stock cubes are gluten free, don't contain artificial colours or enhancers and are suitable for vegetarians. Stir into a vegetable soup or with boiling water before cooking rice. 

Available at Ocado

Qwrkee Gut Friendly Probiotic Vegan Cheese Flavoured Puffs, £1.75

These nutritious plant-based puffs are high in protein and dietary fibre, and also include bio-cultures known to stimulate the growth of good bacteria in your gut. 

Available at Ocado

Press Balance Chunky Broth, £2.66 (was £3.99)

Packed with beans, grains and greens, this soup isn't just full of fibre, it's also a good source of protein. Wholesome and hearty, it has the added bonus of being low in saturated fat. With only 142 calories per serving, with kale and flax seeds, it's a satisfying meal packed with goodness. 

Available at Ocado

Deliciously Ella Ready Meals, £2.40 (was £3.00)

Forget any preconceptions of ready meals, these ones from Deliciously Ella are both tasty and highly nutritious. They live happily in the freezer, so stock up before taking one out to defrost before you leave for work. Return to tuck in to a warm, winter supper.

Available at Ocado

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