What's New In Food This Month

What's New In Food This Month

From flavoured-infused tahini to nutrition cookery courses, there’s plenty going on in the culinary world this month. And while January might be the time to double down on vegetables and healthy snacks, we’re always looking for something that’s worth a moment of indulgence too…


Grecious is a family-run business celebrating Greek flavours. Although their products are inherently healthy, their richness also pays tribute to Greece’s decadent history. Created by blending premium tahini – made from nothing but sesame seeds – with extra additions such as smooth cocoa powder or honey, these spreads easily give Nutella or the usual peanut butter a run for their money. Best of all, it’s protein-packed and vegan-friendly.


Mirabeau Pink Gin

Made using the grape alcohol extracted during the dealcoholisation process for the brand's new lower alcohol rosé, Mirabeau Rosé Gin stands out in this rapidly-expanding category. Inspired by the wild botanicals growing on their wine estate near St Tropez, the makers set out to create a truly unique and original gin. The result isn’t to be missed.


Double Dutch

Low-calorie, vegan and using 100% natural and organic ingredients, Double Dutch’s innovative mixers and tonics will add a sparkle to any drink - even for those sticking to Dry January. With unique flavour combinations such as Cucumber & Watermelon, Pomegranate & Basil and Cranberry & Ginger, Double Dutch’s mixers can be drunk straight or used to create delicious, easy-to-make cocktails at home.

Visit DoubleDutchDrinks.com

Plant Power by Annie Bell

For meat-eaters, adding a healthy dose of protein with a chicken breast, fillet of salmon or lamb chop is pretty straightforward. But what about vegetarians or vegans? Not to worry. In Plant Power, Annie Bell shows you exactly how to source the best plant proteins from high-quality unrefined whole foods.

Available at Waterstones.com

Cookery and Nutrition Course

The chefs at London-based cookery school Sauce have developed a cooking class aimed at improving lifestyle and eating habits. Together with guest nutritionists, participants are led through a half-day session which follows the principles of move, learn, cook, eat, and thrive: key components for a happy and healthy life. The best bit? Kick-start your day at The Langham Spa before cooking up a healthy lunch. It’s guaranteed to get you out of the January slump and focus your mind for the year ahead.


Bottleshot Cold Brew Coffee

Not to be confused with iced coffee - which is simply "hot" coffee poured over ice - Bottleshot steep their premium, ethically sourced Arabica beans in cold water for 18 hours. Just one can is as strong as two shots of espresso, with an extra kick from the added chicory. Even so, Bottleshot has 60% less acidity than regular coffee, so it’s kinder to your gut.


Other Foods Snacks

Other Foods are starting a culinary revolution. Their slow-baked, vegan-friendly nibbles, made with just a pinch of Himalayan salt, have all the moreish indulgence of something far naughtier, but contain fewer than 100 calories per portion and no artificial colour, additives or preservatives. They’re also one of your five a day. Our favourite are the Okra ‘Ladies Fingers’ – an excellent source of fibre, vitamin A and beta-carotene. The best news? Okra promotes gut and eye health, nourishes the skin and combats fatigue, too.


Peckham Sauce Co

The Peckham Sauce Co hero is a Dutch chilli and Scotch Bonnet blend, fermented with garlic, paprika, mustard seeds, coriander and cardamom, to create a flavour combination like no other. There’s also a sweet and tangy option, for those who prefer things on the milder side. Packed with mouth-watering freshness and fragrance, all the sauces are designed to enhance the natural flavour of any dish.


Mill & Mortar

According to the Danish fine spice emporium’s founder Iben Büchet, knowing the origin, and how your spices were picked and processed, can revolutionise the food and drink you create. We also love that packaging.


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