What’s New In Food This Month

What’s New In Food This Month

From a refreshing new rosé brand to at-home bao bun kits, here are the products – all of which are available online – to know about in the world of food this month.


Dreamt up during the Covid-19 lockdown, amie is the new French rosé to know. The female-led team is run by American Abbie Roden and Australian Hermione Underwood, both of whom spotted an opportunity to bring a new wine to the UK market, with free delivery right to your door. Fellow friend and artist Jessica Yolanda Kaye is the mastermind behind the cool branding – plus, for each bottle sold, £1 is donated to charity. 
Visit DrinkAmie.com

Made By You Bao Kits

BAO Made by You is the new at-home kit concept from the trio behind BAO London. Priced at £20 per box, each kit contains six ready to steam bao buns, as well as all the extra ingredients. We love the Classic BAO Box, which comes with 12-hour braised pork, fermented greens and iconic peanut dust, and the Daikon BAO box, which features the same individual panko daikon that made the restaurant dish an instant bestseller.
Visit BaoLondon.com

Big Tom Ketchup

Using the same addictive Big Tom spice blend and Portuguese tomatoes, this new ketchup has a significantly lower sugar content (13.4g per 100g) compared to other leading brands – as well as 50% fewer calories. Great news for those looking to keep their weekend BBQ on the healthier side. 
Available here

Bumblezest CBD drinks

New from London-based startup BumbleZest comes a drinks range full of your favourite tipples – with some added benefits. With a lemon base, agave, quinine and 10mg of full spectrum CBD, the Light CBD Tonic Water has a refreshing and distinct flavour when paired with your favourite gin. Meanwhile, the Ginger, Turmeric & CBD Sparkling Water tastes like a healthier version of ginger beer. There are also some health-packed shots for those after an instant feel-good hit.
Visit BumbleZest.co.uk

Gail's At Home Range

At the start of lockdown, Gail's launched their At Home range to continue to support its communities. This included home delivery and a click & collect service for some of our favourite Gail’s products, as well as the introduction of hard-to-get baking ingredients. Today, Gail's is launching the next phase in their At Home range. The Gail's Hampers range consists of six carefully curated gift boxes; ”Breakfast In Bed”, ”Farmhouse Breakfast” “Cookie Box”, “Sofa Picnic”, “Cake Box” and a “Cream Tea Box”. Every bundle will include a Gail’s tote bag and a notecard for customers to use or if the box is being gifted, for a customer to request a note to be written on.

Available here

The Great Feast of London

An innovative digital festival run by ex-Street Feast founder Dom Cools-Lartigue, the Great Feast of London brings together food, music and wellbeing, and will be hosted online so guests can participate in live cookalongs, late night raves, meditation practices, exercise classes and more. You can pre-order recipe kits and chef’s table type meals from your favourite restaurants too, with one donated to a Londoner in need via the Plate For London scheme for each one sold. 
Visit GreatFeast.com


Starlino Rosé is a delightful and refreshing Italian aperitivo, produced in North-Eastern Italy at Torino Distillati in Piedmont. The all-natural drink is made by blending rosé wine, pink grapefruit and orange peel and eight other botanicals including wormwood and coriander. For the perfectly balanced drink, combine one part Starlino, one part rosé wine and one part soda water. It’s the new sundowner of choice.
Available here

Pollen + Grace

A modern-day food service run by nutrition experts, Pollen + Grace has collaborated with The Doctor’s Kitchen to highlight healthier food choices which will nourish the nation. Their joint mission is to educate and inspire about the benefits of a healthy, plant-rich diet, as well as protect the wellbeing of healthcare staff by providing them with nutritious food. To kickstart the initiative, the two groups have co-created delicious plant-based meals that contain carefully selected ingredients to help support, improve and maintain health, with 100% of the proceeds going to NHS Charities and initiatives to tackle food inequality across the UK.
Visit PollenAndGrace.com

Keepr’s Ultra Low G&T

Infused with 12 carefully balanced botanicals and British honey from the company’s own hives, Keepr’s Ultra Low Alcohol Gin & Tonic flavoured drink contains hints of coriander and cardamom, while natural quinine delivers the distinct flavour of the classic cocktail. Plus, the complexity of juniper and citrus gives it a clean and crisp taste. Convenient and refreshing, the new launch comes ready to drink in a 250ml glass bottle or can be poured over ice with a wedge of lime and sliced fresh ginger.
Available here

Ten Acre

Ten Acre's new hand-picked popcorn range comes in two flavours. If you love the mix of sweet and savoury, then add the classic Aunty Winifred's Sweet and Salty Popcorn to your basket, or if you’re craving something different, choose Lucia Popperly's Cappuccino for a subtle hint of coffee. Made in the UK, Ten Acre popcorn is also gluten, dairy and MSG free – so it's great for feeding a crowd. 
Visit TheVeganKindSupermarket.com

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