The Gut Health Brand Rated By Industry Insiders

The Gut Health Brand Rated By Industry Insiders

Whether it’s probiotics or kefir, kimchi or kombucha, products that claim to boost gut health are abundant these days – but not all are created equal. Thanks to its unique approach to gut health, The Nue Co. is the brand which those in the know recommend time and again. From Ayurvedic-inspired formulas to tinctures designed to soothe a sore tummy, these are facts and products you need to know.



Weighing more than 2kg – heavier than the average brain – your microbiome plays a vital role in your health, breaking down food, supporting immunity and boosting your mood. But the good bacteria in your gut can be disrupted by a range of factors, including poor diet, stress and antibiotics. The holy grail of gut health, the likes of pre- and probiotics can bolster levels of the good bacteria in your gut, helping rebalance the microbiome. 


The Nue Co.’s range of products stands out from the rest for several reasons – first, it was the outcome of founder Jules Miller’s own experience with IBS and her frustration at the lack of proven solutions available – plus, each and every The Nue Co. formula is clean, organic and contains natural ingredients proven to target real health issues, gut health included…

Debloat Food + Prebiotic, £28

WHY IT WORKS: Concentrated with digestive enzymes, which break down the proteins in food, improve constipation and reduce bloating, as well as unique ingredients which break up intestinal gas, reduce symptoms of IBS and relieve abdominal pain, alongside prebiotics, this three-in-one supplement is a must-have for those prone to tummy issues. It also contains soothing marigold flower, which has been used for centuries as a digestive aid.

HOW TO USE IT: Mix ½ a teaspoon with 50ml of water or add to a smoothie. Use daily or when experiencing discomfort for the best results. Check out the recipe below for other easy ways to use this and boost your digestive health. 

Available here

Digest Start, £12

WHY IT WORKS: A modern day equivalent of digestive bitters, this botanical-inspired tincture triggers parts of the brain that stimulate the production of digestive juices to kickstart digestion. Ideal to take before a heavy meal or if you struggle to digest certain foods such as gluten, it also contains apple cider vinegar, liquorice root and clove, which have been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine, which help settle the stomach, ease digestion and reduce nausea. 

HOW TO USE IT: Place one full dropper onto the tongue, 15 minutes before eating. Use daily or as needed, up to three times per day. 

Available here

Whether in the form of a tincture, powder or capsule, here are the other heroes in the range that we rate…

Debloat, £40

The Nue Co.’s first and best-selling gut-focused supplement, this enzyme-rich formula addresses gut health with a unique blend of ingredients. As well as 17 digestive enzymes, which kick-start digestion and help break down food, each capsule also contains liquorice root to help with cramps and bloating, and turmeric, a natural antispasmodic. Studies show the formula can reduce symptoms of bloating, gas and heartburn by 51% in 30 days.

Available here

Prebiotic+Probiotic, £45

This clever new-gen formula is made from spores, which lie dormant until they’re activated by the pH of your small intestine, so they can get to work exactly where they’re needed. Prebiotic inulin also helps stabilise blood sugar and feeds the friendly bacteria in your gut, resulting in a flatter tummy and increased energy levels.

Available here

Want in? The Nue Co.’s Debloat latte is our favourite way to give digestive health a helping hand…​

Debloat Latte

A combination of soothing anti-inflammatory and digestive enzyme-boosting ingredients, this gentle tonic will bring instant relief to a sore tummy. Taken at the first signs of PMS, it can also help ease water retention and ease cramping. The coconut butter is optional, but comes recommended. An easily digestible fat, it contains medium-chain triglycerides, which can help reduce inflammation in the gut and keep blood sugar levels steady. 

Total Time
5 Minutes
Debloat Latte
1 tsp coconut butter
1 tsp honey (or maple syrup)
1 cup oat milk
Step 1

Combine all ingredients in a small saucepan.

Step 2

Warm through on a low heat, stirring gently.

Step 3

For a foamy texture, whisk together or blend until bubbles appear.

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