9 Of The Best Period Tracking Apps

9 Of The Best Period Tracking Apps

Knowledge is power – especially when it comes to understanding your menstrual cycle. Fortunately, a host of science-backed apps now claim to be able do the hard work for you, offering insight into ovulation, PMS, cravings, mood swings and more. Whether you’re after a simple period calendar or dedicated fertility app, here are the ones we rate…

Best For A 360° Approach: Clue

Founded in 2013 by a Danish entrepreneur, Clue now boasts over 10 million users worldwide thanks to a clean interface, inclusive tone, high level of accuracy and an extensive encyclopaedia of women’s health information, which you can read in pop-up windows when logging symptoms. The app allows you to log various metrics, including the length and heaviness of your flow, types of menstrual pain and fluctuations in sex drive, as well as alcohol intake, which can affect blood volume and impact your cycle. If you’re trying to conceive, the app can help you plan for pregnancy with its ovulation calculator and fertility predictions.

Visit HelloClue.com

Best For Fertility Tracking: Glow 

Using a fertility tracking app alone won’t get you pregnant, but it can help identify important patterns in your cycle and help you feel more in control. Glow, one of the most popular fertility apps, allows you to track 40 different health signals, including sexual activity and body basal temperature, and tells you the best days to have sex if you are trying to get pregnant – plus, the more you use it, the smarter it gets. Men can also login to their partner’s account to add their own data, such as when they last masturbated, to create a more nuanced fertility picture. Glow’s sister app, Glow Nurture, also offers pregnancy and postpartum support.

Visit Glowing.com

Best For A Dual Approach: Ovia 

Ovia was founded in 2012 by Alex Baron, who wrote an algorithm to predict his wife’s ovulation when they were trying to get pregnant – when it worked, Ovia went mainstream. With a non-TTC (trying to conceive) mode and in-depth fertility tracking, which analyses metrics such as cervical mucus, cervical position and body temperature, Ovia is a top choice for those interested in conceiving. If pregnancy is your goal, the app will give you a daily fertility score and send notifications, and there’s also options to track nutritional information and export data to Excel. 

Visit OviaHealth.com

Best For Gym Junkies: FitrWoman

With increasing studies showing exercise requirements, nutritional needs and injury risks fluctuate throughout your cycle, it pays to track your hormones if you’re into your fitness. A first-of-its-kind app, FitrWoman helps you track your cycle and provides personalised training and nutritional suggestions, taking the guesswork out of training. Learn when to push harder, when to prioritise recovery and optimise performance in each phase of your cycle. The app will even sync with your Strava account for enhanced insights and comes recommended from Olympic athletes. 

Visit FitrWoman.com

Best For Perimenopause: mySysters

Proof not all women want to track their cycle in order to conceive, mySysters is designed to support women as they transition through perimenopause and beyond. By tracking symptoms such as migraines, hot flushes, joint pain and insomnia, the app displays your triggers in a colour-coded system – for example, if you often notice symptoms in a darker colour on a Monday, look for lifestyle triggers over the weekend which you could change to provide relief. Use the data to discuss treatment with your doctor, or log onto the mySysters forums to chat to other women.

Visit MySysters.com

Best Alternative To Hormonal Contraception: Natural Cycles 

Created by an ex-CERN particle physicist, Natural Cycles is the only certified contraceptive app in Europe, with studies showing it’s 93% as effective as traditional birth control methods with typical use. It works by users taking their temperature every morning with a thermometer, which inputs data into the app; the app then tells you if it’s a green day (meaning you’re okay to have sex) or a red day, when you are fertile, meaning you should either abstain or use protection. Whether you’re looking for a hormone-free contraceptive or want to better understand your fertility, Natural Cycles puts you in control of your body.

Visit NaturalCycles.com

Best For Detail: Flo

One of the world’s most popular health apps, Flo uses artificial intelligence to accurately predict your upcoming fertile days and the days of your next period. With a simple design and easy-to-navigate features, it’s a great option if you’re just dipping your toes into cycle tracking tech. The app also provides a wealth of information, including answers to questions you may be too embarrassed to ask your GP – think body odours, period sex and discharge – as well as articles to help you better understand your menstrual cycle. 

Visit Flo.Health

Best For Taking Control of Hormones: Moody Month

Being in tune with your hormones is fast becoming the hottest way to stay on top of your health, and Moody Month ticks all the boxes. Pioneering positive period relationships, the Moody app enables you to input data about your mood, cycle and body – including energy levels, libido and cravings – as well as your emotional response to issues such as money and work. Moody Month then tracks this data to provide daily insights and a monthly report – it’ll even recommend supplements to boost your health and ease symptoms including bloating and poor sleep. Developed in conjunction with nutritionists, neuroscientists and gynaecologists, this is well worth a download. 

Visit MoodyMonth.com

Best For The Community Vibes: Eve by Glow

A savvy period tracker and sex app for women who want to take control of their health and sex lives, Eve predicts your period and chances of pregnancy. As well as tracking your cycle, the app will also tell you when you’re most likely to get cravings and offers plenty of tools to log your sexual experiences (including whether or not they involve actual intercourse) and a mood tracker. It also comes with access to a community of women and forums where no subject is off-limits, whether you want to commiserate about cramps or talk about sex. 

Visit Glowing.com

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