The Acupuncturists To Know
The Acupuncturists To Know

The Acupuncturists To Know

If you’ve never tried acupuncture, the words ‘relaxation’ and ‘needles’ may not go hand in hand. But health and wellness experts agree the benefits are endless – as well as helping with pain management, acupuncture can alleviate digestive and menstrual irregularities, improve insomnia, stress and anxiety, and relieve asthma and eczema. Tempted to give it a go? These are the experts to tap…
By Tor West

Asha Chong

Best For: Stress & Anxiety

If you’re looking to bring the body back into balance and have a better understanding of the mind body connection, book in with Asha Chong. Focusing on general wellbeing, including stress and anxiety, as well as allergy relief, male and female fertility, and sleep problems, she starts each session by feeling the pulse on your wrist, which she says holds the secret to your overall constitution. Every treatment will be different, but the end result is the same – a deep sense of relaxation and peace, a large part of which is down to Asha’s calming and maternal nature. A session with Asha is partly medical, partly therapeutic and partly like talking to a caring friend. 

Cost: Asha is based at The French Pharmacy in Marylebone – get in touch with her for more information and pricing. Your initial treatment will last 90 minutes and follow-ups, ideally done weekly or fortnightly, are 60 minutes. 



John Tsagaris

Best For: Best-In-Class Treatments

With over 25 years of experience, John Tsagaris is a world-renowned expert in the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) field. In fact, he was one of the first practitioners to offer facial acupuncture treatments in the UK and continues to lead the way when it comes to Chinese medicine-inspired facial rejuvenation. What makes him stand out from the crowd is not only his incredible knowledge – he can help with everything from weight loss to IVF and insomnia – but also his warm, compassionate manner. As well as traditional acupuncture, he’s an expert in ear seeding and shiatsu bodywork, a first-of-its-kind treatment that fuses hands-on treatment with cupping, acupuncture and energy healing.

Cost: Your first acupuncture consultation and treatment will cost £350, including complementary ear acupuncture (worth £150) to optimise results.



Joanna Ellner

Best For: Stubborn Health Problems

Former beauty director Joanna Ellner relied on acupuncture for years to soothe migraines and menstrual cramps – so much so that in 2016 she left the world of journalism and retrained as an acupuncturist. Now based at 180 Health Club and in Surrey, her unique treatments will get to the bottom of stubborn health problems – whether you’re struggling with persistent headaches, a long cycle, digestive problems or low mood. Once you’ve had your initial treatment, you’ll be hooked – sessions start with an in-depth TCM consultation followed by bespoke acupuncture, cupping and moxibustion. 

Cost: Your initial consultation and treatment (90 minutes) will cost £120, and 60-minute follow-up treatments are priced at £80.



Sarah Bradden

Best For: Cosmetic Acupuncture

Described as a spiritual reset and facelift, Sarah Bradden’s eponymous method has been designed to treat physical and emotional wellbeing. Her signature treatment is rooted in traditional Chinese acupuncture but also uses acupressure, reiki, gua sha, reflexology, oxygen therapy and micro-needling to recalibrate the nervous system, boost immunity, increase energy levels and give skin a sculpted and glowing appearance. If you don’t have time for the full 90-minute treatment, a speedier 45-minute session is available – you’ll even leave with bespoke ear seeds so you can enhance the benefits in the days afterwards.

Cost: Based at Hershesons in Belgravia, a signature 90-minute treatment costs £295, while The Bradden Method Boost (45 minutes) costs £120.



Cassandra Hawthorne

Best For: Menopause & Women’s Health

Based in southwest London, Cassandra is passionate about providing alternative therapies for tackling menopause and empowering women to better health. In fact, it was her own struggles with endometriosis in her early 20s that led her to Chinese medicine. Believing that the harsher symptoms of menopause are a result of an imbalance between our yin and yang energies, her nourishing and gentle yet effective treatments will soothe anxiety and hot flushes, and help you better manage insomnia. Cassandra is also fully trained in Chinese nutritional therapy and believes in taking a holistic view of health, so expect to make lifestyle adjustments too. When she’s not in her clinic, you’ll find Cassandra in NHS oncology wards helping cancer patients manage the side effects of treatment. 

Cost: An initial consultation costs £65 and follow-up sessions are £55. 



Claire Dabreo

Best For: Fertility & Pregnancy

Claire Dabreo – commonly known as The London Acupuncturist – is trained in Five Element acupuncture, the original form of the treatment that aims to restore balance and health through the mind, body and spirit by treating the root cause of a health problem, rather than starting with the symptoms. Specialising in fertility issues, Claire takes a body and mind approach to help create the optimum conditions for conception, whether you’re TTC naturally or undergoing IVF, and offers acupuncture to support a healthy, happy pregnancy as well as pregnancy-related issues. She’s also the name to know for breech babies and acupuncture for late arrivals.  

Cost: Claire is based in South Norwood on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Crystal Palace on Wednesdays and Fridays – email her for pricing and more information. 



Mina Lee

Best For: An Inner & Outer Reset 

Offering far more than your average facial, a session with South Korean guru Mina Lee combines acupuncture with reiki, ear seeds, reflexology, radio frequency and LED light to enhance your glow from the inside out. Each session is bespoke, with Mina reading your aura and current energy to dictate the treatment, and the results are something else, providing an instant lift and glow to the skin. With nearly two decades of experience, Mina is the definition of a health and wellbeing expert, and her treatments will leave you feeling deeply restored. 

Cost: Prices available on request.

Visit MinaLee.London 


Ross Barr

Best For: IVF, Grief & Heartbreak

A registered acupuncturist and trained herbalist, Ross Barr was drawn to acupuncture by personal experience. Following the sudden death of his father, he started looking for ways to help with his grief. Ross believes the best results come from treating your whole system, not just the symptoms present. He’s regarded as one of the UK’s leading fertility specialists but also specialises in acupuncture in conjunction with IVF, grief and heartbreak. 

Cost: Appointments are priced from £110.


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