The Fertility Platforms & Apps That Could Help
The Fertility Platforms & Apps That Could Help

The Fertility Platforms & Apps That Could Help

The reality of trying to conceive, according to the NHS, is that one in seven couples experience difficulty and an even larger number of women worry about their ability to get pregnant. Fortunately, a wave of new start-ups are on a mission to make fertility treatment and testing more accessible. These are the names to keep on your radar…
By Tor West


The UK’s first virtual fertility clinic, Apricity aims to overhaul the fertility treatment process by allowing women to control their own programme online – think video consultations, online fertility assessments and communication with the clinic’s industry-leading nurses and specialists via the app. Whether you sign up for egg freezing, IVF, IUI or egg donation, you’ll be allocated a personal project manager to help co-ordinate appointments. They’ll even come to you for blood tests and scans, with medication delivered straight to your door. You’ll also receive free counselling and access to your care team seven days a week. To learn more about how Apricity works, book in for a free consultation.



The founders of Aura have personal experience of miscarriage and failed IVF cycles. Now they want to transform the IVF process by working with clinics to improve patient wellbeing. Recognising that fertility treatment is more than just a clinical procedure, Aura gives members access to their own dashboard, offering personalised support at every stage of their treatment plan, as well as tools and access to world-leading experts to reduce stress and anxiety – and, ultimately, improve fertility outcomes. Whether it’s a session with a fertility therapist or counsellor, or medication reminders once you start a cycle, Aura will help you navigate the rollercoaster of fertility treatment. 


Béa Fertility

This is a first-of-its-kind, clinical-grade home insemination kit. Both IVF and IUI – the two most popular forms of fertility treatment in the UK – can be expensive and difficult to access. Béa removes these barriers by offering a hormone-free treatment that can be done at home and at less than a tenth of the cost of IVF. Its innovation – intracervical insemination (ICI) – involves placing a small cup of semen close to the cervix, where it’s left for up to one hour. Each kit comes with two applicators designed for use on consecutive ovulation days to boost your chance of success. Studies show ICI has a success rate of up to 50% within six cycles.



The world’s first IVF insurance provider, Gaia was founded by a former Goldman Sachs executive director, who went through five rounds of IVF before welcoming a son into the world. Members pay a premium before starting IVF, then Gaia partners with their clinic to handle invoices, provide counselling and pay for upfront costs. Gaia covers up to six rounds of IVF. If you have a child as a result, you can start paying back the cost of your treatment in instalments over eight years, while those who don’t conceive aren’t expected to pay. Membership also includes access to complimentary therapy, support groups, and virtual and in-person events to support you on your journey. 




With 31% of women struggling with reproductive issues in their lifetime, Hertility is advocating a more proactive approach. Whether you’ve been trying for a while or are just starting to think about your future family options, its at-home test kits can diagnose 18 of the most common gynaecological issues, such as PCOS, in just ten days. After completing a comprehensive online health assessment, the team will create a bespoke at-home hormone test. Your results are written up by a private gynaecologist and the team will help with fast-tracked access to pelvic ultrasounds if needed, and can refer you to vetted partner clinics for treatments like IVF and egg freezing. 


Jack Fertility

Fertility problems in men are more common than you might think, with the average sperm count having declined 59% over the last 40 years. On a mission to remove barriers and destigmatise male fertility testing, Jack Fertility is the UK’s only mail-in sperm test, making it easy to get reliable results about the status of your partner’s fertility from the comfort of your own home. Within a few days, you’ll receive your results and a personalised action plan. Unlike other tests on the market, Jack assesses five parameters to give a full picture of sperm health, including how much and what concentration of sperm there is, what it looks like, and how it moves.  


Screen Me

After her own struggles with endometriosis, founder Dr Golnoush was determined to make informative healthcare more accessible. Whether you want to know more about your reproductive health, are going through IVF, struggling with miscarriage or have other fertility concerns, Screen Me has you covered. The platform offers a variety of tests – assessing everything from hormones to the vaginal microbiome – that can be done at home. Each test comes with a private consultation with an industry expert as well as a bespoke plan of action. The platform also enables you to track changes and monitor symptoms over time, empowering you to understand your own body and take back control. 


The IVF Network

Describing itself as the club no one wants to be a part of, The IVF Network provides members with support, advice and education, whatever stage of the journey you’re at. A free subscription allows you to connect with leading experts and members, as well as access the latest research. For a small monthly upgrade, you’ll get access to live monthly talks and events with fertility specialists to help you cut through the noise and make stronger choices about your next steps.


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