The Easy Way To Get Your Nutrition On Track

Did you know 75% of British adults are failing to eat the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables each day? Enter Swisse Me, the brand making daily health easy. Their range of ready-to-drink smoothies and collagen boosters are a total game-changer – with dozens of different flavours, all brimming with natural energy-boosting ingredients, here’s what’s worth a try…


From the age of 30, your collagen levels plummet by 1% every year, contributing to fine lines and wrinkles. Counteract the ageing process and give your skin a glowing boost with these genius collagen products – the Manuka Honey Jelly Sticks are brimming with complexion-loving goodness, with only 26 calories per serving, while the Blood Orange Beauty Shots deliver an impressive 5g of collagen per bottle. Getting your daily beauty fix has never been so easy.


Swap your usual 11am snack for one of Swisse Me’s energy-boosting heroes and rest assured you’re ticking all the nutritional boxes. Simply squeeze and savour, these healthy snacks are packed full of ingredients designed to give back. Take, for example, Boost Me Mango, a tropical concoction with added collagen, turmeric and magnesium to tackle tiredness and fatigue; Boost Me Spinach, brimming with maca, an adaptogen believed to supercharge endurance; and Boost Me Beetroot, naturally rich in nitrates to help you beat the dreaded afternoon slump.


Made with pea, apple and banana puree, as well as lemon juice and spirulina powder, Boost Me Spirulina is the ultimate post-workout treat. With just 96 calories per pouch, and 3g of protein and 3g of fibre, it packs a real punch. Plus, it’s vegan friendly and free from refined sugar.


Whether you need an on-the-go breakfast option or are looking to mix up your usual muesli and banana, these nutrition-packed smoothies are guaranteed to set you up for the day. With ingredients like fruits, grains, seeds, cocoa, yoghurt and even coffee, these blends provide the perfect combination of protein and slow-release carbs to fuel hectic mornings. With an impressive 5g of fibre per serving, the superfood-rich Start Me Chia will settle rumbling tummies, while Start Me Quinoa, a zesty blend of apple, mango, banana, yoghurt and quinoa, is ideal for those with a sweet tooth.


Offering 6kg of delicious goodness, the Small Smoothie Care Package is the ultimate treat to yourself or a loved one, and buying in larger quantities makes each smoothie that little bit more affordable. Why not go all out with the larger Care Package? With 90 vitamin and mineral rich smoothies, this deluxe hamper packs over 11kg of nutrition.


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