Easy Ways To Increase & Boost Your Energy Levels

With so many events in the run up to Christmas, it’s no surprise that energy levels can begin to flag at this time of year. Happily, we've sourced simple strategies from the pros to help you sail through this busy period and stay calm and energised.

Don’t Fear Snacking 

“Snacking has a bad rep, but if you snack well, it can save you from dipping in energy and feeling fatigued. If you feel your energy is dipping, try reaching for a snack that contains protein and fat alongside some natural sugars. By pairing natural sugars with fat and/or protein, you slow down the release of the sugars and therefore give yourself a consistent release of energy, rather than a peak of energy and a consequent fall, which can leave you more fatigued than in the first place,” – Clarissa Lenherr, Nutritional Therapist 


Keep Propolis Drops Handy 

“My biggest tip is to try propolis drops. I have a few in a glass of water two to three times a day to boost my system. They contain flavonoids and phenol acids which are strong immune boosters and anti-infective, too.” – Julien de Richeville, Founder of Martine de Richeville London Clinic


Give Adaptogens & Nootropics A Chance 

“People are still sceptical but supplements such as adaptogens and nootropics (e.g. ashwagandha, Yerba mate and valerian root) are believed to improve responses to stress, in turn boosting general energy levels, as well as vitamin B12 supplementation. I’d always recommend consulting a doctor and perhaps having your levels of vitamins and hormones checked before considering any sort of longer-term supplementation. In people with darker skin, low vitamin D levels can also contribute to lack of energy, so it’s worth having these checked. I also recommend supplements like Matcha green tea, which is believed to improve energy levels.” – Dr David Jack, Aesthetic & Medical Doctor 


Try Intermittent Fasting 

“I find intermittent fasting two to three times a week so helpful for my energy levels, especially the day after I do it. I don’t eat from 4pm until 8am (I have herbal teas only) and I really recommend it if you’re in need of a boost. I also use a few drops of Kloris’ CBD Oil under my tongue. In summer, I love adding them to a refreshing smoothie and coffee, but in winter I add it to something more nurturing like my Echinacea drops. I find this an easy and essential part of my daily routine and really helpful for busting cold and flu, not to mention lifting energy levels overall.” – Kim Smith, Founder of Kloris CBD 


Prioritise Your Sleep

“It sounds obvious, but from October to March I recommend going to bed at least 30 minutes to one hour earlier. The darkness and cold weather have a major impact on our mood, metabolism and energy levels, so we need some extra sleep to stay healthy and happy. Sufficient sleep is the best and cheapest method to keep our mood and eating patterns in balance.” – Sonia Wahlroos, Founder of Nordic Nutrition 


Have Caffeine-Free Days 

“While I absolutely love coffee and often use it as a much-needed boost for focus and concentration, I’ve found cutting back has actually given me more energy. To reap the maximum benefits from caffeine it’s worth having a few caffeine-free days per week – this will give your body a chance to energise itself and will also mean that when you do reach for an espresso, you’ll really feel its effects.” – Zanna Van Dijk,  fitness blogger and author of STRONG


Invest In A SAD Lamp 

“There are many lamps on the market now which are designed to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder. There are some great ones out there, which are all designed to improve hormone levels within the brain and thus the mood of the person using it. Philips and Lumie make some very good ones, but they need to be SAD certified. Improved mood means improved energy, and these lamps make a huge difference to people’s lives come winter.” – Dr. MJ Rowland-Warmann, Medical & Aesthetic Doctor 


Up Your Iron Intake 

“Iron is a key nutrient when it comes to naturally sustaining energy levels, yet it can be difficult to absorb through diet alone and is best utilised on an empty stomach. It contributes to the body’s energy metabolism pathways helping to reduce feelings of tiredness and fatigue. As traditional iron supplements can cause digestive discomfort, I recommend a pill-free alternative, like oral sprays.” – Keeley Berry, Nutritional Expert & New Product Development Executive at BetterYou


Stay As Active As Possible

“Exercise can improve energy levels by sending oxygen-rich blood to the muscles, brain and heart, which in turn will improve your mood. Additionally, exercise has been shown to help augment your quality and quantity of sleep, which is essential for re-energising. And when we exercise, our bodies release epinephrine and norepinephrine, stress hormones that in small amounts can make you feel energised. Try adding in a brisk walk on the weekend, or check out some online workout videos.”  – Clarissa Lenherr, Nutritional Therapist


Utilise The Powers Of Ginger 

“I recommend starting your day with warm water, lemon and ginger. Chop up a thumb sized piece of ginger and squeeze the juice of half a lemon into a mug of warm water. Not only is ginger a natural pain and fever reducer, it also increases circulation, helping to remove toxins and viruses from the body, in turn, giving you an overall health boost.” – Sonia Wahlroos, Founder of Nordic Nutrition


Stay Hydrated 

“You’ve heard it before but staying hydrated can make such a difference to your energy levels. As little as 3% or more loss of body weight due to dehydration can cause as much as a 10% drop in performance level, affecting everything from your mood and concentration to your athletic performance. For a quick energy boost, try getting into a downward facing dog or doing a headstand or handstand – anything that gets the blood flowing will stimulate mind and body and shake off any lethargy.”– Annie Clarke, Founder of Mind Body Bowl

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