Everything You Need To Know About The 5:2 Diet

Several years on, the 5:2 regime remains one of the most popular and effective plans for anyone wanting to explore intermittent fasting. Tempted to give it a go? We’ve teamed up with Exante to explain how it works, why it’s so effective and the easiest way to do it...

It’s Even More Flexible Than You'd Think

Billed as the diet that lets you eat your favourite treats and still lose weight, the 5:2 regime remains one of the most popular when it comes to intermittent fasting. The idea is you eat healthy, balanced meals for five days, and for two days in between, you restrict yourself to a maximum of 800 calories as per new EU regulations. This equates to small meals up to three times a day. If you’re struggling to stay within the limit, Exante’s approved food group list tells you how best to plan and prep your meals.

It's A More Flexible Alternative To Other Fasting Regimes

“You only have to fast for two days of the week,” says nutritionist Lily Soutter. “Many people embrace the diet as they can eat the food they typically enjoy for most of the week. With a little research, you can easily find low-calorie options to keep you going on fast days.” On those days, try Exante’s 5:2 meal-replacement products (due to new 800 calorie EU regulations, you can enjoy up to four on fasting days). These vary from tasty strawberry jam bars to caramel latte frappe shakes, mini pot meals and nourishing soups. These are all surprisingly satisfying and each contains one-third of your recommended amount of vitamins and minerals and is nutritional complete, ensuring your body still gets everything it needs. 

The Benefits Are Proven 

Aside from weight loss, the 5:2 has been associated with improved DNA repair and brain function. The 5:2 helped its creator Dr Mosley lose 20Ib in 12 weeks. As a result of the weight loss, his blood sugar and cholesterol levels returned to normal – he’d previously been pre-diabetic and suffering from high cholesterol.  

Exante Offer A Complete Diet Plan, Too

If you’re after a diet regime that’s more intense than the 5:2, look to Exante’s two and four-week total meal-replacement diet plans. Aimed at those with a BMI of 30+, both are proven to help you lose weight quickly and effectively. On a given day, all you have to do is substitute traditional meals with four Exante meal replacements. These can include shakes, soups, mini meals and healthy snack bars, plus 200 calories of low carb snacks. The best bit? It's straight forward and convinent to your timings and needs, plus the meal plans are high in protein and fibre to ensure you're maintaing the best balance. 

Preparation Is Key

“An 800-calorie fast day can be a shock to the system and some struggle with irritability,” says Lily. “Counting calories can be hard in any diet and accessing low-calorie foods when we’re on the go may be difficult. Preparation is critical for making the 5:2 diet work and ensuring you’ll stick to it.” That’s why it’s key to stock up on all your allowed snacks well in advance – to stop temptation or deviation from the plan. Exante can deliver a host of multipacks, low-sugar options and healthy treats to your door. They are guaranteed to help keep you going long-term – and it’s also good fun picking and choosing your options.

A Special Discount For SL Readers

Fancy trying a weight-loss plan yourself? Exante is offering SL readers an extra 10% off their two and four week dietary boxes from 16th September to 15th November. Simply use the code SHEERLUXE at the checkout when you shop at ExanteDiet.com.

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