The Good Smoothie Guide

The Good Smoothie Guide

Love the idea of a smoothie, but not the faff? Enjoying their benefits is now easier than ever, thanks to ready-made options that deliver vitamins, minerals and hydration. Vikesh Kotecha, founder of The Honestly Good Smoothie Company, is on hand to share the ones worth seeking out, as well as the benefits of frozen smoothies over fresh...

Vikesh, what is the benefit of having a smoothie?
The main benefit of having a smoothie over a juice is you’re able to retain all the fibre, which means natural sugars from the fruit are released slowly, avoiding a spike in blood sugar. It also keeps you fuller for longer!

What makes the perfect blend? 
The addition of healthy fats! Avocado, nuts or seeds, once blended, add a lovely richness and silky-smooth texture. 

What are the advantages of a frozen smoothie? 
Enzymes and nutrients in fruit and vegetables begin denaturing as soon as they are picked from the plant. However, once the fruit and vegetables are frozen, this process occurs in super-slow motion, so you’re locking in lots of the nutritional value. Needless to say, you save on the daily preparation of fresh ingredients, and avoid wastage of unused ingredients with accurately pre-portioned produce.

What are the best flavour combinations? 
We’re definitely rather adventurous when it comes to flavour contributions. Personally, The Whirling Dervish is my favourite, which contains cauliflower, cucumber, apple, dates, orange zest, sumac, mulberries and almonds.

What additions can bring maximum benefits to a smoothie? 
We add nutrient-dense ‘superfoods’ such as spirulina, kelp seaweed and turmeric; some of these ingredients can be difficult to incorporate into your weekly meals, so we think by having them in our smoothie recipes they add maximum benefit.

If you want to maximise your supermarket blend from our edit below, you can add avocados for extra creaminess, shots of superfoods as Vikesh suggests above, or yogurt.

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