How Tonight’s Lunar Eclipse Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

How Tonight’s Lunar Eclipse Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

It’s a turbulent time in the astrological world right now… Mars and Mercury are both in retrograde, and tonight – Friday 27th July – we’ll see the longest total lunar eclipse in history. Dubbed the ‘blood moon’, it’s considered a transformative, magical and almost legendary occurrence, and there won’t be another like it for 120 years. So if you’re feeling a little strange today, this could be why…

What is the blood moon lunar eclipse?

Occuring tonight from 8:49pm until 10:13pm in the UK, this eclipse will be visible to nearly every eye in the world. The best time to spot it in London is at 9:21pm (if you’re not in the capital, find the timings for your area here).

As you most likely know, an eclipse occurs when the Earth lines up directly between the sun and the moon, blocking the light from the sun to the moon, and causing Earth’s shadow to fall across the moon. Tonight’s, however, is extra special, as the moon appears to turn a shade of crimson red – this is because the earth will also come between the moon and Mars, meaning we’ll be able to see the redness of the planet with our naked eyes.

Is that because Mars is in retrograde?

Yes – Mars went retrograde on 26th June and will stay so until 27th August. And you may have noticed the effects. According to Cafe Astrology, when Mars is in its retrograde cycle, we’re forced to re-assess our current projects and our approach to getting what we want.

As Mars is courageous, competitive, assertive, defensive, dynamic, territorial, sexual, passionate, and self-centred, when the planet is in retrograde acting in these ways may not yield positive results. Instead, adopting a ‘wait and see’ attitude and taking things slowly is apparently wiser. And we might notice its effects on other people too – they could be more hesitant about taking action.

All in all, it’s a time of introspection and a good opportunity to learn from past experiences and adopt our approach accordingly.

And Mercury is in retrograde too?

Unfortunately so – from 26th July to 19th August. Now somewhat of scapegoat for everything that could possibly wrong in our lives (team SL are most definitely guilty of blaming things on it), Mercury in retrograde tends to breed confusion. As the planet of communication, Mercury rules how we perceive and interpret information, and how we relay that information to others.

During a retrograde cycle, take extra care with matters to do with speaking, negotiating, buying and selling, listening, formal contracts, documents, travel, and shipping. According to Café Astrology, all these areas are affected when Mercury is functioning in a sluggish state, and delays and challenges are far more probable.

So how will this eclipse affect people?

As Cafe Astrology explains, lunar eclipses are relationship-oriented and tend to elicit a crisis of ‘lack’ – it’s a time when we can suddenly realise a great need or want. While this can lead to relationships being challenged or severed (i.e. someone being ‘eclipsed’ from your life), it can also propel us into positive action – such as two people coming together due to a sudden realisation they have a great need for each other.

This eclipse forms a square to Uranus, so there could be a sense of surprise, shock, or frustration involved with your emotional discovery, and a strong need to break free from old patterns. And with the Leo-Aquarius axis involved, it’s likely this discovery will strike a balance between romance and friendship, and between expressing yourself in personal and impersonal ways.

Essentially, it’s a time to pull up buried frustrations and deal with them, to reset your emotions and clear away the emotional baggage of the previous six months – and a truth bomb, or dramatic event, may force you to do away with past patterns that are no longer serving you; thus allowing you to move forward.

What could it have in store for me?

Tonight’s lunar eclipse complements themes found in the 12th July solar eclipse – think about what happened on or shortly after this date, and it may provide some clues. It’s also predicted to affect each zodiac sign in the following ways:
Today and over coming days, the lunar eclipse in your social zone could be an influence that catches you unawares. Feelings may be running high and this could be down to its tie with fiery Mars as it continues to regress. It’s possible that a past issue could flare up again and that you may be tempted to vent your frustration. But, with patience, it might be resolved for good.
Buried personal matters can be brought to light now, which can push your emotions up to the surface. A home project can reach a turning point, while a career or reputation matter might be illuminated. Unrest with work, bosses, or related to your long-term goals and current path to reaching them is stirred with this eclipse, and changes may be imminent.
Frustration can centre on intellectual planes, so watch for speaking prematurely or making too much of something said. Emotions can bubble up to the surface now, and the eclipse can also illuminate things that were previously hidden, particularly for you revolving around learning matters, news, legal affairs, or fruition of a project. An idea that you've been working on might blossom now.
Today’s eclipse can awaken a need to reorganise your finances or stir up feelings about a past relationship. Energies now can also force a confrontation related to money or possessions. Try not to feel threatened by others' assertion of their desires: aim to take a lesson from any issues that may become inflamed now, and keep your wits about you as emotions are running high.
This eclipse could be a reminder of others' needs, and perhaps a rather abrupt one. Relationship issues or a personal matter can come to light now, or something that has been brewing inside of you could now culminate in a personal epiphany. There could be a focus on love and patterns in a partnership, and you may need to tread softly. For now, sudden moves are not advised.
Emotional reactions are stronger than usual during the eclipse, but can also be very revealing. Today can bring sudden awareness of something that's not working in the world of your work, daily routines, or health, or the need to make adjustments and meet deadlines. Through a bit of chaos or disorder, you're likely to discover new information that genuinely pushes you forward.
You may realise your feelings for someone, or open your heart to a creative project. As this eclipse aligns with retrograde Mars, it can bring a social or romantic issue to emotional heights. A frustrating matter from your past may emerge, but could be very revealing, and help you discover the root of recent aggravations. Tensions can come from pushing something that needs more time to evolve.
The eclipse can stimulate an epiphany about your domestic or personal life that pushes you to make helpful changes. Challenging family or home life issues could emerge for your attention. In fact, something may go wrong before everything goes right. Pay close attention to any emotional slush, anger, or resentment that surfaces now, as it may help you understand yourself better.
Thanks to the lunar eclipse, emotions are significant, primarily related to your communications or projects. There may be a bit of chaos or disorder in your daily affairs now. Watch for impatience that can lead you to trip over yourself. Minor issues can be the trigger, but major issues may be at the root. Consciously try to slow down and to tame your desires, which may lose relevance in time.
The eclipse today may bring revelations and possible conflicts to the foreground, but it can also be highly illuminating. There can be a tug of war going on with someone (or within yourself) over money, possessions, and matters of control. Whatever emerges now – be it an issue of self-worth, intimacy or finances – can force a needed change. Take time to digest any information you receive.
The eclipse today occurs in your sign, and you can experience big epiphanies today and this week. It may serve as a cosmic push to change gears in a relationship or to get in touch with your relationship needs. Your true feelings about someone or a matter can emerge powerfully now. However, there can be difficulties keeping your cool, or you may be at a loss about how to pursue your desires.
This lunar eclipse can pull up strong intuition and can push troubled areas to the foreground. Desires and feelings are intense now. Restlessness with your current routines can be stimulated too, and it's best to focus on doing your best instead of allowing a lack of direction to interfere with productivity. In time, direction and purpose will reveal themselves.

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